September 12: Extra!

All Seven Ethereum 2.0 Clients Successfully Sync!

“With these changes, Ethereum will unlock new possibilities around random beacons, private token transfers, private computations, and cross-chain interoperability with Zcash.

Reducing the costs of these precompiles allows for more advanced zero-knowledge proofs to be used within smart contracts. This, in turn, will make it easier to deploy scaling solutions and privacy solutions to Ethereum. For AZTEC, it brings the gas costs of private token transfers down to a level that is comparable to regular ERC20 token transfers.

I’m excited about the potential of enabling developers and users to combine the programmability of Ethereum with the unparalleled privacy of Zcash.”

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“So you’ve created a cool new Ethereum dapp, and your first users are ready to try it out! But first they’ll need an Ethereum wallet. And some ETH. They’ll need some way to make their browser Ethereum-compatible.

Universal Login solves these problems.”


“You can start a company, a membership, or a reputation-based organization in a few clicks.

Aragon is built to be modular, since the organizations of the future are not limited to just a handful of corporate structures.”


Crypto is more than HOLD

Some valuable opportunities and insights for leveling up your DeFi game highlighted on this week’s ‘Market Monday.’

Crypto is more than Hold. It’s Lend, Borrow, Stake, Invest, Spend, Earn, Trade, and Bet too—a complete money system. One with less banks and more sovereignty.