Centralized Exchanges & Fiat Gateways

(relatively established, secure and liquid)

Alt-Coin Focused Centralized Exchanges

Decentralized Exchanges & Swaps (DEX)

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

  • Maker Oasis (Mint DAI, Lock to Earn DAI Savings Rate)
  • Compound (Lend/Borrow)
  • dYdX (Leverage Trading, Lend/Borrow)
  • Fulcrum (Leverage Trading, Lend/Borrow)
  • Synthetix (Derivatives: Trade Commodities, Forex, Stocks, etc)
  • TokenSets (Automated Trading Strategies)
  • DeFiZap *New* (Pre-set Portfolio Allocations Spread Across DeFi Platforms)
  • Chai *New* (Wrapped MCD DSR)
  • Augur (Prediction Market)
    • Guesser (User-friendly Skin for Augur Protocol)
  • Nexus Mutual (Decentralized Insurance)
  • PoolTogether (No-loss Lottery)
  • InstaDApp (DeFi Portfolio Management)
  • MyDefi (DeFi Portfolio Management)


  • MetaMask (Web Wallet, Interact with Dapps in Browser)
  • Coinbase Wallet (Mobile Dapp Wallet/Browser)
  • ENS (Ethereum Domains, Human-readable Wallet Accounts)
  • Brave Browser (Ad-free privacy, earn BAT)
  • uPort (Self-sovereign Identification, Universal Login (Coming Soon))

Tools & Analytics


Hardware Wallets