14 January

“Just in time for Ethereum’s consequential Shanghai update, ConsenSys, the company behind MetaMask, said on Friday it is adding a staking feature to MetaMask Portfolio – its newly launched one-stop shop for users to view their crypto holdings and send (or “bridge”) them between different blockchains.

MetaMask’s new staking feature will allow users to stake via Lido or Rocket Pool, the two leading community-led validator services.

By allowing staking through the MetaMask Portfolio dapp, we are providing MetaMask users with a convenient way to interact with staking providers.”

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“Bitcoin’s (BTC) recent double-digit rally has sparked a positive sentiment shift among crypto options traders. The leading cryptocurrency by market value has gained 13% this month, topping the $19,000 mark for the first time since Nov. 8. Tumbling U.S. inflation, weaker U.S. dollar, and expectations for slower Federal Reserve rate hikes have helped the cryptocurrency look past the lingering fallout from FTX’s collapse.

BTC’s short-dated OTM calls have seen an increase in implied volatility compared to OTM puts. It indicates that BTC’s derivatives market is now not only pricing for a drop in bearish sentiment but is reflecting an increase in demand for exposure to upwards movements.

The bullish shift perhaps reflects confidence among sophisticated market participants that bitcoin’s rally to two-month highs may be only the first milestone in its upward trajectory.

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“Proto-danksharding (aka EIP-4844) is a planned change to the Ethereum protocol which introduces ephemeral data storage. Rollups (Layer 2s) can use this storage to post transaction data or proofs back to Layer 1 (mainnet). The benefits are lower transaction fees on the L2, greater scalability and more accessibility.

Proto-danksharding requires a new cryptographic scheme: KZG Commitments. This ceremony will generate a structured reference string (SRS) which is needed for the commitments to work. It’s a multi-party ceremony: each contributor creates a secret and runs a computation to mix it with previous contributions. Then, the output is made public and passed to the next contributor.

To guard against attempts to corrupt the ceremony, participants need an Ethereum address or GitHub account with an established history to participate. The final output of the Ceremony will be included in a future upgrade to help scale the Ethereum network.”

The congressman went on to say that the watchdog’s actions protect “no one,” and that the SEC’s approach of political ‘regulation through enforcement hurts everyday Americans.’

Emmer accused the SEC of ‘leaving the industry to interpret the rules of the road‘ due to their “after-the-fact enforcement actions” and asked when “proactive guidance” could be expected from the watchdog.”

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In a new court filing, digital asset management company Grayscale blasted the U.S. securities regulator for its “illogical” and “fundamentally unreasonable” argument against approving a spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). Grayscale also accused the SEC of exceeding its statutory authority, saying the agency ‘is not permitted to decide for investors whether certain investments have merit.’

A successful manipulation of prices in the spot bitcoin market would necessarily affect the price of bitcoin futures as well.

Final briefs on the case are due Feb. 3, after which three judges will be selected and the court will share a schedule for the lawsuit’s oral arguments. A final decision on the case could come by the fall.”

“FTX can put four key units including derivatives arm LedgerX and stock-clearing platform Embed up for sale, a Delaware bankruptcy judge ruled Thursday. Investment bank Perella Weinberg is now allowed to start the sale process, which also includes the crypto exchange’s European and Japanese units, and which have already attracted as many as 117 expressions of interest.

The estate, now run by restructuring expert John Ray, hopes to generate more value for creditors by speedily selling off the more solvent and easy-to-separate arms of the business.”

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