13 September

Fidelity has more than 34.4 million individual brokerage accounts, according to the report.

This potential move follows BlackRock (BLK) partnering with Coinbase (COIN) to offer crypto trading to its institutional customers. Earlier this year, Fidelity announced plans to allow corporate clients to add bitcoin to the 401(k) plans it manages for them.”

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“The central bank of Norway has hit a major milestone in digital currency efforts, releasing the open source code for the country’s central bank digital currency (CBDC) sandbox. Available on GitHub, the sandbox is designed to offer an interface for interacting with the test network, enabling functions like minting, burning and transferring ERC-20 tokens.

The Norges Bank stated that the Ethereum cryptocurrency system is expected to provide a “core infrastructure” for issuance, distribution and destruction of digital central bank money, which is also referred to as DSP. The Norges Bank emphasized that interoperability was one of the most important problems while considering various technical solutions.”

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The company’s Starbucks Odyssey will allow customers to purchase and earn digital collectible stamps in the form of an NFT that offer benefits and immersive experiences.

The program is to be built on Polygon’s proof-of-stake network, a scaling tool that sits on top of the Ethereum network. Customers can now join a wait list to gain access to Starbucks Odyssey.”

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“The Blockchain Association is adding its own political action committee to the crypto industry’s growing array of campaign-finance efforts seeking to steer the U.S. government’s debate over digital assets.
The BA PAC will contribute to the campaigns of “pro-crypto candidates” from both parties, according to Kristin Smith, the Washington-based association’s executive director.

The timing is too late to make a splash in November’s midterm elections, but the PAC will be in a position to exert influence in the presidential election year in 2024. The industry has quickly become one of the dominant forces in political giving, with its new PACs outpacing many of the political efforts from more established industries.”

“According to IDEG’s Thielen, traders are increasingly looking to purchase Lido’s staked ether token at a discount, taking away buy side pressures from the ether spot market.

Early this quarter, traders snapped up ether and sold futures to collect a potential Ethereum fork token ETHPoW for free without directional risks. However, the incentive to take the so-called ETHPOW trade has now weakened, and traders could make a higher return by snapping up stETH while heading into the Merge.

Notably, by some estimates, the ‘expected’ PoW airdrop was initially priced at $90-100 and now is expected to be just around $19-27 (1.1%-1.5%). Volumes for stETH (on Lido) have dramatically increased from just $6-8 million to $44 million by end of last week.”

“MetaMask, one of the largest crypto wallet providers, has integrated the Brazilian government’s payment system Pix and started allowing crypto purchases with Brazilian reals. MetaMask integrated with Pix via the payment infrastructure company MoonPay, which takes about a 1% commission per transaction, plus a network fee calculated in real time.

In July, MetaMask revealed that Brazil was its second-largest user market after the US. Pix, a real-time retail payment system launched by the Brazilian Central Bank (BCB) in October 2020, has 126 million users and is already used by leading crypto exchanges such as Binance and Bybit.”

“While the Ethereum co-founder was born in Russia and met Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2017 to discuss Ethereum opportunities, he’s been critical of his homeland’s government for years as well as its war with Ukraine. Still, his visit is notable due to timing: Ethereum’s much-anticipated overhaul known as the Merge is just days away.

I have been following Ukraine closely since the war started. I wanted to come and see for myself and also let Ukraine know that lots of people in the blockchain, Ethereum, crypto world really care about you guys and lots of people support you.

The three-day event was focused on 500 hackers who submitted almost 50 projects as part of a crypto-related hackathon to support Ukrainians in their fight for freedom. What stood out among the themes discussed were decentralized electoral voting, central banks issuing digital currencies, and the role of Web3 and blockchain in fighting disinformation.

It was incredible to have Vitalik join us on the ground as well as important figures from the Ministry of Digital Transformation. Kyiv Tech Summit is not just an ordinary tech event. It’s a protest, a movement and an embodiment of the unbreakable spirit of Ukraine.”