10 June

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Three-quarters of United States retailers plan to accept crypto or stablecoin payments within the next two years, according to a new survey published by Deloitte.

It also found that more than half of large retailers with revenues over $500 million are currently spending $1 million or more building the required infrastructure to make it happen. A large majority, around 85%, of the surveyed merchants said they anticipate that cryptocurrency payments will be ubiquitous in their respective industries in five years.

Consumer interest is driving merchant adoption, with 64% of merchants signaling their customers have expressed significant interest in using crypto for payments. Roughly 83% of retailers expect interest to increase or significantly increase over 2022.

Improving customer experience, increasing the customer base and the hope their brand is perceived as “cutting edge” were the biggest reasons given for a desire to adopt crypto payments. Of the retailers already accepting cryptocurrency, 93% have reported a positive impact on their customer metrics.”

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Institutional crypto custody firm Anchorage Digital along with other global crypto companies has formed a custody exchange network in a bid to improve the crypto marketplaces for investors. Crypto exchange Binance.US is part of the new network, and Anchorage has commitments from CoinList, Blockchain.com, Strix Leviathan, and Wintermute.

As the American digital asset industry continues to mature, there is growing demand from institutions for custody, liquidity and enhanced market access. By combining the advanced security of Anchorage with the best-in-class exchange technology of Binance.US, this integration eliminates multiple pain points to institutional trading, and marks a major milestone in the evolution of digital asset infrastructure.

We actually genuinely believe it’s a better market structure going forward and answers a lot of the questions that regulators have had.”

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The US SEC is looking into whether Terraform Labs violated U.S. laws regarding how it marketed the crypto coins.

The agency was already investigating Terraform founder Do Kwon in connection with his role in building the Mirror Protocol, which allows users to trade tokens representing synthetic stocks.”

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