29 April

“The global investment bank says it is looking into NFTs in the context of financial instruments because that is where the power is.

We are actually exploring NFTs in the context of financial instruments, and actually there the power is actually quite powerful.”

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“Panama’s legislature on Thursday passed a bill aimed at making the country a favorable locale for crypto business.

The bill doesn’t allow for any crypto to become legal tender, but makes possible free use of crypto as a means of payment for any transaction. Additionally, the law treats crypto assets as foreign-source income, which in accordance with Panama’s territorial taxation system, means no taxes on capital gains.

Panama has no currency per its constitution, but has officially been on the U.S. dollar for more than a century.

We can’t just establish bitcoin because that will be unconstitutional.”

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“The Digital Commodity Exchange Act of 2022 (DCEA), introduced Thursday would create a definition for “digital commodity” and allow the CFTC to oversee companies issuing or letting people trade these types of tokens, while having the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) continue to oversee tokens that fall under U.S. securities laws.

The term ‘digital commodity’ means any form of fungible intangible personal property that can be exclusively possessed and transferred person to person without necessary reliance on an intermediary.

The definition would not include any equity or debt interests, or securities. These digital commodities could only be sold on a CFTC-registered exchange, which would have to abide by certain requirements which include holding customers’ crypto in qualified custodians, safeguarding customer assets and prevent commingling customer and corporate funds.”

“The TON Foundation has added crypto payments to Telegram, allowing its 550 million users to send and receive toncoin within the messaging app. While only toncoin (TON) can be sent within the app, users can also buy bitcoin (BTC) through the “@wallet” bot.

The aim is to make sending toncoin feel like sending a text message. We anticipate that this functionality will extend into consumer to business payments, so that people can easily acquire goods and services by sending toncoin.”

“Bitcoin (BTC) traded higher for the second day as the yen and euro tanked against the dollar and a gauge of foreign exchange (FX) market volatility hit a two-year high. The Japanese yen slipped to 130.80 per U.S. dollar, the lowest in 20 years. The currency has fallen more than 10% in seven weeks.

Sharp currency depreciation imports inflation and often has domestic investors pouring money into the perceived store of value assets like bitcoin and gold. Bitcoin has recently been drawing a premium in Japanese yen markets. Still, it may be too early to say that cryptocurrency is the preferred safe haven of investors exposed to the yen’s volatility.

Bitcoin traded at a consistent premium on Japanese markets since the start of April. However, BTC-JPY trade volumes remained low.”

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Frenzied buying of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for three- and four-digit Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains has caused daily trade volume to surpass that of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) on NFT marketplace OpenSea.

One of the largest sales of all time has also taken place, with the 555.eth NFT being purchased for $158,000 worth of ether (ETH). Owners of ENS domains containing four digits or fewer gain entry into an elusive private Discord channel dubbed the 10kclub.

The current floor price of three-digit domains is 6.5 ETH ($18,850), while that for four-digit domains is rapidly approaching 0.5 ETH ($1,450).”

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