20 April

Australians will soon join Canadians in gaining direct access to Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs.

21Shares announced today the launch of two ETFs on April 27. The ETFS 21Shares Bitcoin ETF and ETFS 21Shares Ethereum ETF will track the price of BTC and ETH, respectively, in Australian dollars and trade on the Chicago-based CBOE Exchange.”

Governments should ensure they have the power to impose capital controls on crypto alongside traditional assets, the International Monetary Fund said, as the war in Ukraine continues to raise concerns over sanctions evasion. That means that citizens of crisis-hit countries like Greece and Argentina could potentially see their access to bitcoin limited alongside restrictions on withdrawing cash from ATMs or accessing foreign currency.

Crypto mining also offers the chance for emerging market countries to effectively exchange energy for bitcoin, the IMF said, adding to concerns that states’ ability to halt outflows during financial turbulence could be undermined.

In remarks to reporters after the publication of the report, IMF officials admitted virtual assets probably aren’t being used to circumvent the financial restrictions on Russia.

The evidence to date suggests there is not much going on in terms of undermining sanctions via crypto assets. Of course it’s something that we’re watching very very closely.”

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The foundation funds research and development on Ethereum and related technologies. It spent in excess of $48 million on various teams, funding and bounties last year, the report said.

Research and development of layer 1, or base blockchains, saw a majority of last year’s spending at over $21 million, which included research on mainnet upgrade, security, mechanism design and grants to external clients.”

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“The National Basketball Association will begin minting its upcoming Ethereum NFT collection of 18,000 assets called The Association on Wednesday. Each Association NFT represents a real NBA player in this year’s playoffs. There will be 75 NFTs of each player.

But, as with actual players, these NFTs don’t stay static. NFT traits will evolve over the course of the playoffs based on each player’s real-life performance, meaning that a certain number of dunks, blocks, three-pointers, rebounds, or assists will change that player’s image. NFT backgrounds and “frames” will also change based on the player’s team’s performance.”

An alleged North Korean Ethereum wallet tied to March’s $600 million crypto hack continues to launder its stolen ether (ETH) Friday in defiance of U.S. sanctions.

The hackers are pushing their trove through Tornado Cash, about $10 million at a time. Tracing company Elliptic on Thursday estimated the Ronin hackers have laundered $80 million through Tornado Cash.”

“In a statement published by former video-game giant Atari on Monday, the firm says it has, effective immediately, terminated all license agreements with its joint venture partner ICICB Group and its subsidiaries. Previously, the two had jointly created the Atari Chain and the namesake Atari Token (ATRI). However, the company has had a change of heart regarding the deal, and announced it was disclaiming interest in the joint venture.

Atari disclaims any interest in the […] Joint Venture, currently promoted as Atari Tokens, and related websites, whitepapers and social media channels are unlicensed, unsanctioned and are outside the control of Atari. ICICB is not authorized to represent Atari or its brands in any manner.

Moving forward, Atari plans to create, distribute and solely manage a new proprietary token focusing on gaming, community and utility. But it appears there will be some form of respite for ATRI investors. As told by Atari, the company has taken a “snapshot” of ATRI holdings as of April 18, 2022, at 6:00 pm CET. Atari will then implement a future exchange of a new token for the ATRI tokens held.”