1 January

Some analysts are expecting big things for Bitcoin shortly once institutional selling has subsided and capital gets deployed to the market.

The optimistic outlook for early January comes from the expectation of strong “fund inflows,” which appears to be in line with the sentiments of Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal. Pal said in a YouTube interview on Monday that he believed the sell-offs on Bitcoin were finished and that January would have a strong start as institutional capital gets reinvested in the market.”

“The total AUM for DAO treasuries increased from around $380 million in January to a peak of roughly $16 billion in mid-September. DeepDAO ranks Uniswap DAO, BitDAO and Lido Finance DAO as top three, with treasury value at $2.9 billion, $2.4 billion and $602 million.

User participation in DAOs has surged as well throughout 2021, with the total DAO members and token hodlers tallying in at around 1.3 million in December, marking a 130x increase since the start of the year. The Uniswap DAO has roughly 275,000 members that can vote on the project’s roadmap and maintain governance over the DEX.”

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Eminem purchased one of the Ethereum-based Apes for 123.45 ETH ($452,000) on Thursday night and has since made the ape his profile picture on Twitter. Meanwhile, he appears to have collected at least 15 NFTs so far on OpenSea under the name Shady_Holdings.

Eminem has joined the many other celebrities who have aped in so far, including NBA star Stephen Curry and talk show host Jimmy Fallon. BAYC recently surpassed CryptoPunks in overall OpenSea ranking and floor price.”

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“Shanghai, China’s most crowded city, is looking for ways to use a metaverse in public services over the next five years.

Shanghai’s five-year plan calls for the use of a metaverse in public services, businesses, entertainment and industrial manufacturing. The commission plans to encourage further study and development of underlying technologies, such as sensors, real-time interactions and blockchain technology.”

The updated law effectively bans non-custodial software wallets, as well as decentralized finance products, in the country. That’s because the bill’s provisions target VASPs, which include crypto exchanges and wallets, in Estonia. When the bill is ready, VASP will be extended to cover decentralized platforms, initial coin offerings and other services.

According to Ohtamaa’s interpretation, the new law has the following effect: ‘You are only allowed to hold your Bitcoin in a custodial Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP). VASP can freeze your account. So it is not effectively your Bitcoin anymore.'”

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