2 December

One of the world’s largest asset managers is set to launch a spot Bitcoin ETF in Canada this week. The new fund will be actively managed and will directly obtain physical Bitcoin instead of getting exposure to BTC through a derivative instrument.

This should be embarrassing for the SEC that one of America’s biggest, most storied names in investing is forced to go up North to serve its clients.

Earlier this year, Fidelity Digital Assets, the firm’s crypto-focused arm, conducted a survey among institutional investors, which concluded that 70% of respondents intend to buy or invest in digital assets in the near future.”

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“Ross Ulbricht, the founder of the defunct Silk Road marketplace, announced via a Medium post that he is auctioning a line of NFTs detailing various points in his life, from childhood to his time in prison.

Minted on Ethereum, the Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection will launch Thursday at the 2021 Art Basel event in Miami. The collection will include ten items from Ulbricht, including artwork, writings, and original animation. The FreeRoss.org website, run by Ulbrich’s mother Lyn, says the NFT launch will act as a fundraiser for both prisoner support and Ulbricht’s freedom efforts.

Ulbricht says while his future looks bleak, he wants to do something to heal the damage he sees around him: ‘Prison shatters families. It shatters communities. And the kids are the ones who suffer.'”

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“Bitcoin briefly dropped below $57,000 during U.S. trading hours on Wednesday after news broke that health officials in the country confirmed the first case of the new coronavirus variant, Omicron, in California. The drop wiped out bitcoin’s earlier gains when it increased above $59,000 from a low at roughly $55,920 a day ago. Stocks also fell, with the S&P 500 dropping by 0.49%.

Bitcoin’s (BTC) price momentum is improving, which could limit further downside between the $53,000-$55,000 support range. Support remains intact given the upward-sloping, 100-day moving average. This indicates a positive intermediate-term trend, which could encourage additional buying on pullbacks.

Buyers will need to make a decisive move above $60,000 resistance to yield an upside target toward the all-time price high of nearly $69,000.”

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“Ethereum developer Marius van der Wijden announced a new program to get the community involved in merge testing that caters to three tiers: non-technical users, developers with limited experience in blockchain, and highly technical and experienced blockchain developers.

For non-technical users, the self-guided program provides them with tasks, such as setting up consensus layer clients, reporting failures and sending transactions. Technical users can select objectives, such as running their own validators, testing and deploying contracts, and setting up their own testnets, while highly technical users can review the specifications, propose invalid blocks, and split the network by voting on invalid blocks.

According to the Eth2 page on Ethereum.org, the Beacon Chain merge will have been officially completed by Q1 or Q2 of 2022.”

FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried, Circle’s Jeremy Allaire, Bitfury’s Brian Brooks, Paxos’ Charles Cascarilla, Stellar Development Foundation’s Denelle Dixon and Coinbase Inc.’s Alesia Haas will speak at the session entitled “Digital Assets and the Future of Finance: Understanding the Challenges and Benefits of Financial Innovation in the United States.”

Waters has been an outspoken critic of crypto largely because of its unregulated nature.”

Square has announced it renamed itself Block in an apparent reference to blockchain—the technology that undergirds Bitcoin. Not that the company is expressly stating that. Block, it says, ‘creates room for further growth.’

We built the Square brand for our Seller business, which is where it belongs. Block is a new name, but our purpose of economic empowerment remains the same. No matter how we grow or change, we will continue to build tools to help increase access to the economy.

Square has been experimenting with a number of crypto-centric ideas. In November, it released a white paper for a decentralized exchange for trading Bitcoin and other assets. In October, Dorsey said the company was looking into building Bitcoin mining machines to go along with a hardware wallet that’s already under development.

As part of the name change, Square Crypto–a wing of the company that propels Bitcoin use cases—will be renamed Spiral.”

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“Before the update, only a narrow segment of crypto companies was able to advertise on Facebook. According to the updated policy, the following crypto products and services can now run ads on Facebook:

  • Cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms
  • Cryptocurrency lending and borrowing services
  • Cryptocurrency wallet
  • Cryptocurrency mining infrastructure

In addition, products and services related to blockchain technology, crypto news, education, payment methods and merchandise can be advertised.

[O]ver the years the cryptocurrency landscape has matured and stabilized and experienced an increase in government regulation, which has helped to set clearer responsibilities and expectations for the industry.”