30 November

“Bitcoin led the crypto market to its third straight day of gains, after a steep drop by more than 8% on “Black Friday.” The No. 1 cryptocurrency by market capitalization rose to nearly $59,000 on Monday before it sank toward the $58,000 level again.

Bitcoin (BTC) is holding support above its 100-day moving average, currently around $54,200, as last week’s sell-off stabilizes. Short-term momentum is improving, although buyers will need to clear $60K to sustain the uptrend.

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The Kelly Ethereum Ether Strategy ETF is an actively managed fund that will invest in cash-settled Ether futures contracts traded on registered commodity exchanges. The CME’s current position limits for ether futures contracts are 8,000 contracts for an applicable month with each contract representing 50 ether.

In August, VanEck and ProShares suddenly withdrew their applications for their futures-based ether ETFs, which suggested they received pushback from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, which regulates ETFs.”

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“The Federal Reserve Bank of New York launched the New York Innovation Center (NYIC) to build and test new financial technology, including central bank digital currencies (CBDC), stablecoins and cross-border payments, the central bank division announced Monday.

The NYIC plans to focus on five so-called opportunity areas: supervisory and regulatory technology, financial market infrastructures, future of money, open finance and climate risk. Jerome Powell said the innovation center will foster collaboration and the sharing of expertise among central banks.

In particular, the partnership will support our analysis of digital currencies, including central bank digital currencies, help to improve our current payment system, with a particular focus on making cross-border payments faster and less expensive.”

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MicroStrategy said it bought 7,002 bitcoins for about $414 million in cash during its fiscal fourth quarter.

MicroStrategy now holds 121,044 bitcoins worth about $3.6 billion with an average purchase price of about $29,534 each.”

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“Today, Budweiser will release its first series of NFTs, dubbed Budverse Cans: Heritage Edition. The series will span 1,936 individual NFT collectibles, referencing the year the company first started releasing beer in cans. Each NFT will feature elements of classic photos, ads, and design documents charting the history of the brand.

These NFTs will act as your key to the Budverse and can unlock exclusive benefits, rewards, and surprises.

The Budverse Cans will be sold at two rarity levels, with Core Cans available for $499 apiece and Gold Cans selling for $999 each. The company has confirmed that the NFTs will be minted on the Ethereum network and sold on leading NFT marketplace OpenSea. Budweiser has also changed its Twitter name to “beer.eth.”

“Many on social media speculated that Dorsey made the move so he can devote more time to crypto.

Some speculated that Dorsey may step up his crypto ambitions through his work at payments company Square, which he also founded and where he remains CEO. The editor of TechCrunch suggested this could be because Square—which is building a Bitcoin wallet—is better positioned than Twitter to take the lead on Web 3.

It’s an open question whether Dorsey’s departure will lead Twitter to turn away from its recent pivot to crypto, which has included tipping with Bitcoin and plans for NFT integration.”

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