22 October

“The launch comes after the United States Securities and Exchange Commission granted a notice of effectiveness to Valkyrie Bitcoin Strategy ETF on Thursday.

According to Leah Wald, CEO of Valkyrie Funds, the upcoming launch of Valkyrie’s Bitcoin futures ETF marks an important milestone in the relationship between the cryptocurrency industry and U.S. regulators.”

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“Data reveals a growing demand for long-dated, out-of-the-money (OTM) call options on ether – bullish bets with strike prices well above the spot market price of the cryptocurrency. A strong purchase activity was captured on ether’s $15,000 calls expiring March 25, 2022.

The market’s long-term attention seems to be shifting from BTC to ETH with potential ETH ETF release after BTC [ETF in the U.S.], coupled with ETH 2.0 [upgrade] catalyst. With the launch of the bitcoin futures ETF, it has become a certainty that an ether ETF of the same kind can’t be that far off.

There are at least five known applications in the U.S. for ether-based ETFs, including two ether futures-based products by fund manager VanEck (The Ethereum Strategy ETF) and ProShares (Ether Strategy ETF).

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“The Associated Press (AP), the 175-year-old news agency, will provide economic, sports and elections data to Chainlink, a system that provides information feeds to blockchains and triggers digital contracts to carry out transactions.

With AP providing their signed data about elections, sports and various key world events, DeFi markets across the blockchain ecosystem can now be made about a wide array of previously inaccessible topics.

We will be bringing on-chain things like the GDP [gross domestic product] number, the unemployment rate, the CPI [consumer price index] number and other bits of trusted data from AP that we will publish to our node so developers will be able to access that,. Sports is another area; not just scores, but also fast-breaking player reports, transactions, injuries.”

Investment behemoth Pimco, which has over $2.2 trillion in assets under management, has dabbled in cryptocurrencies and plans to invest further. Some of the fixed-income firm’s hedge-fund portfolios are already trading crypto-linked securities.

Pimco is thinking about scenarios where this could take us to ensure that we are competitively prepared to deal with what’s a rapidly changing environment that offers a pretty significant value proposition.”

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“The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has ordered information about the payments products, plans and practices of Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Square and PayPal. Of the six companies, Facebook, Square and PayPal’s payment services have all ventured into the crypto industry.

The CFPB has been taxed by Congress with ensuring competition is fair in payments markets, given the immense scale of this group of companies and therefore their ability to monetize data on customer spending habits.

Will the operators engage in invasive financial surveillance and combine the data they collect on consumers with their geolocation and browsing data? Will they in turn use this data to deepen behavioral advertising, engage in price discrimination, or sell to third parties?”

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Walmart, the world’s largest company by revenue, is letting customers buy bitcoin at dozens of its U.S. stores. Shoppers can purchase the cryptocurrency at Coinstar machines inside the retailer’s cavernous big box stores. The machine charges a 4% fee for the bitcoin option, plus another 7% cash exchange fee.

There are 200 Coinstar kiosks located inside Walmart stores across the United States that are part of this pilot.”

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The move could signal plans by Chinese authorities to amend its previous negative stance on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining activities.

The public comment period will last for one month, between Thursday, Oct. 21, and Nov. 21. Members of the public interested in providing feedback on the matter will have four different avenues to make their opinions known, including emails, physical mail and comments sections on the commission’s website.

In a related development, the commission also put out a post on its website stating that the United States had replaced China as the dominant Bitcoin (BTC) mining nation in the world.”

“The end of a long journey is finally in sight for the thousands of creditors who lost billions in funds in the infamous Mt. Gox hack. The plan will be finalized on Nov. 20 and creditors will be able to take further steps to finally receive their funds.

Approximately 99% of the voting rehabilitation creditors voted for the Draft Rehabilitation Plan, and approximately 83% of the total amount of voting rights was exercised in favor of the Draft Rehabilitation Plan.”