15 July

“QETH11 won approval from Brazil’s Securities and Exchange Commission and will use institutional custody provided by crypto exchange Gemini. It is Latin America’s first ethereum ETF.

Last month, QR Capital’s bitcoin ETF began trading on B3, itself the first bitcoin ETF to be approved in Latin America.”

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Optimistic Ethereum – How To Use Uniswap V3 Tutorial

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ShapeShift announced today it will begin winding down its operations as a formal company. Currently employing 65 people, ShapeShift will have no employees, no bank accounts and no CEO in somewhere between four and 12 months’ time.

Crypto trading pioneer ShapeShift is closing its doors, handing over its legacy to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) controlled by holders of its FOX token. As it begins a months-long process of closing up shop, it will begin by airdropping $98 million in crypto to decentralized finance (DeFi) investors.

Many companies in crypto build a decentralized protocol but leave a business standing that takes part in creating profit atop their blockchain creation (case in point, Compound Labs just launched Treasury to do precisely that). Calling the move “true decentralization,” Voorhees said ShapeShift is going a step further.

A year ago I would have thought this was sort of fanciful, but at this point I’ve seen how this tool is getting built and I’ve seen how these communities get built around a token instead of an equity structure.”

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“Visa has approved local Australian startup CryptoSpend to begin issuing debit cards for the startup’s users. Those using the CryptoSpend app can then pay using their bitcoin and other supported crypto at retail stores and hospitality venues.

CryptoSpend’s card will give Australians another “flexible way” to spend their crypto on everyday items. Instead of needing to convert from crypto to fiat, like some other offerings on the market, users of CryptoSpend’s app can make direct purchases.”

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The ECB decided to start the investigation phase of a eurozone central bank digital currency (CBDC), which will last 24 months, an announcement Wednesday said. The move from discussion to exploration of a CBDC is one that numerous other central banks including those of the U.K. and Japan have made in the past year, while South Korea and Sweden both appear to have moved from exploration to testing in recent months.

We will commit the resources necessary to design a marketable product.”

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Crypto in China might be under unprecedented government pressure, but the opposite is true of blockchain technology. The newest issue of China’s most important economic-planning document, the Five-Year Plan, named blockchain a nationally strategic technology for the first time, calling on local governments to spur innovation in the field.

Fourteen governments are offering financial rewards to companies that excel in blockchain innovation. Out of China’s 34 provinces and province-level cities, 33 have enacted policies to accelerate blockchain innovation. Shanghai is offering permanent residency to highly skilled workers who move there to work on blockchain, the report said. Permanent residency in Shanghai is a lifetime aspiration for many Chinese citizens.”

“Mallers said the product Barkley will be using to be paid in bitcoin will be rolled out to all users in the U.S. in the next 30 to 60 days.

You see how high [inflation] is and you learn you can’t save yourself through wealth.”