The Disrupt Weekend

“The founder and CEO of Avanti Financial is claiming Tether’s recent disclosure about the stablecoin’s reserves may have contributed to the altcoin selloffs last week.

Tether Holdings Limited’s breakdown of Tether’s (USDT) reserves were not invested in “short-term, lower-risk, liquid securities,” but rather credit assets of “who-knows-what quality.” The Avanti CEO claimed traders may have felt compelled to sell other cryptocurrencies to reduce their total risk exposure, given that the stablecoin has the potential to bring down other tokens amid a credit market correction.

If Tether stays a de facto credit hedge fund by investing reserves this way, markets now can safely predict that Bitcoin and crypto prices will likely exhibit high correlation with credit markets.”

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Great Interview with Lyn Alden

Earning an Income via NFT-based Gaming

Maple’s decentralized corporate debt marketplace will grant crypto-native companies access to on-chain growth capital.

On May 21st, LP funding will be opened to the broader Maple community and DeFi ecosystem.”

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“It seems only logical that an ideal payment instrument would combine the advantages of banknotes and digital currencies. A hybrid banknote would use a universally accepted and robust payment technology – cash – to deliver the cutting-edge benefits of digital money. A hybrid banknote – for instance, a bill with a chip embedded – could routinely function as a banknote does currently, but have the ability to access an electronic network to transfer value.

For people who want or need to use cash because they just prefer banknotes or they do not have a bank account, a hybrid banknote will allow them to continue using cash. It will also give users the option to use a hybrid banknote’s electronic capabilities. At the same time, a hybrid banknote will fulfill the promise made by central banks that cash will exist alongside CBDCs.

Hybrid banknotes would also provide for offline, anonymous transactions.

Bitcoin now commands just 40.2% of the market, a stark change from a long period of mostly uninterrupted market dominance of well over 50% since summer 2019, and yearly highs of 69.7% on January 4.

Ethereum, Bitcoin’s closest competitor, dominates 19.3% of the market.

“Bitcoin is expensive. Too expensive, according to Mike Novogratz. People are being put off by its high price. To attract smaller savers, exchanges should switch to quoting in satoshi. One bitcoin is made up of 100 million satoshis.

People who “stack sats” (make regular small purchases to build up a holding) already talk in terms of sats rather than bitcoin. Instead of buying 0.02 bitcoin, they buy 2 million sats.”

DeFi Dad: Alpha Finance