4 March

“Gensler’s background suggests he is both pro-crypto and pro-regulation.

I’m neither a maximalist nor a minimalist but I do believe [blockchain is] a catalyst for change. If confirmed at the SEC, I’d work with fellow commissioners to both promote the new innovation, but also at the core to ensure investor protection.

Gensler, who has lectured at MIT about the cryptocurrency industry, praised the technology at various points during the hearing, noting that it could provide cheaper cross-border or domestic transactions while the underlying blockchain technology can be applied to medical records, trade finance or other data collection uses.”

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The proposal outlines how two protocols using rollups can communicate with each other while maintaining interconnectivity and composability.

Rollups are layer-two solutions that are essentially smart contract networks that process and store transaction data off the main chain. However, there are a number of different rollup types, with each using unique smart contracts such as optimistic and zero-knowledge.

There are already [several] proposals for transfers between two smart contract enabled protocols using rollups.”

“Privacy-oriented browser Brave has announced the acquisition of Tailcat, an open search engine. The move is the basis of forthcoming product Brave Search, which Brave is pitching as a non-tracking alternative to Google Search on Chrome and mobile.

The Tailcat search engine is built on top of a completely independent index, capable of delivering the quality people expect, but without compromising their privacy. Tailcat does not collect IP addresses or use personally identifiable information to improve search results.”

“Announced Wednesday, the world’s second-largest insurance intermediary has embarked on a pilot with Nayms, an insurtech platform that allows cryptocurrency holders to provide decentralized insurance cover against losses due to hacks or buggy software.

The Nayms platform puts the tool of smart contracts in the hand of regulated underwriters (like Relm) and brokers (like Aon), to open up a new capital source when underwriting crypto risk.

Nayms said the pilot is about creating more cover for the risks associated with DeFi platforms, but also the wider crypto space as well. The firms did not elaborate on when the pilot might morph into something more like a live product.”

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“Instars, the social media platform launched today, gives users the choice to opt into every interaction. In doing so, ‘users receive instant, direct economic benefit in the form of INSTAR tokens deposited to their personal wallet from advertisers who want to reach and engage them.’ In order to “like” someone’s post, a user will have to tip with INSTAR.

Instars allows for large pools of data to stay encrypted while permitting information to be extracted from those data pools using encrypted computations. Using MPC, this data can still be targeted by advertisers, but in a way where the users’ sensitive information is kept personal, on their own device, and they’re able to consent and opt into each attempt at an advertisement from the requesting parties.”

Hayes would be allowed to continue living in Singapore under the agreement his counsel is currently negotiating with federal prosecutors.

Greenwood said Hayes could continue to reside abroad, traveling to Hawaii for virtual appearances during the initial stages of the legal process. He would travel to New York if and when the case proceeds to the trial phase.

We have discussed with counsel how to arrange for a voluntary surrender.

We are trying to achieve compensation for victims of various nefarious acts that took place on that exchange for years. We are confident that justice will prevail.”

The new album, “When You See Yourself,” will be delivered as three different types of tokens: the first a special album package, the second offering live show perks and the third containing exclusive audiovisual art.

Albums put out as NFTs have generally been the realm of DJs like 3LAU and have seen prior releases, but the Kings of Leon is the first band to launch a new album in the blockchain-based format.”

JumpNet is an interoperable bridging network that will operate under a proof-of-authority (PoA) consensus mechanism. A PoA mechanism refers to a solely permissioned setting on a private blockchain where only invited parties can participate as nodes.

Under phase two, we will enable seamless bridging between Ethereum and JumpNet for ENJ and all ERC-1155 tokens. This will allow our users to choose if they want free transactions on JumpNet or trustlessness on Ethereum and Efinity.

Meanwhile, Efinity, which is still currently in development, is expected to become Enjin’s public blockchain. JumpNet will be rolled out on April 6, with Efinity expected sometime later this year.”