10 February

The CNBC host said it’s almost irresponsible not to include bitcoin on balance sheets following Tesla’s buy.

Every treasurer should be going to boards of directors and saying, ‘Should we put a small portion of our cash in bitcoin?’ It seems to be an interesting way to hedge against the rest of the environment.”

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Institutions were aggressively accumulating ETH in the lead up to the launch of CME futures, with Ether products representing 80% of last week’s institutional crypto inflows.

We believe investors are looking to diversify and are growing increasingly comfortable with Ethereum fundamentals. Bitcoin had its lowest inflows (US$42m) since the all-time highs were achieved in the week ending 8th January 2021.

Total inflows into digital asset investment products for 2021 so far now totals $2.6 billion — equating to 39% of the $6.7 billion in institutional capital that was invested in crypto funds during 2020 in just six weeks.”

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Loopring cuts transaction costs to just 0.1% of those on the Ethereum mainnet.

When the gas gets going, Ethereum L2 gets rolling. More Loopring zkRollup transactions yesterday than any day before.

The developers added that around 1.23 million transactions were conducted on the Ethereum mainnet during the same time period, thus Loopring’s transaction count was equivalent to 3.25% of that figure.”

Ethereum startup Matic Network is rebranding to Polygon as it goes all-in on further Ethereum layer 2 scaling solutions. Version 1 of the software development kit (SDK) for layer 2 aggregation will be ready in March.

Polygon will support multiple layer 2 solutions such as Optimistic Rollups (OR), zkRollups (ZKR), and Validium, effectively making it an L2 aggregator. This approach, implemented via Polygon’s modular SDK, will enable projects to select the scaling solution that best suits their needs rather than being bound by any one option.

Polygon will also be able to launch whole blockchains, similar to Parity Technologies’ Substrate. Blockchains launched on Polygon inherit the security assumptions of the underlying Ethereum blockchain, just as Substrate-based chains can plug into Polkadot’s ecosystem to gain security.”

“Major decentralized finance protocol Yearn.Finance (YFI) has restored its yDAI vault in the aftermath of a $11 million exploit by hackers.

Yearn announced Tuesday that they opened a Maker vault with YFI tokens from the treasury and minted 9.7 million DAI tokens from the vault to keep the yDAI vault intact. Using borrowed money allows the project to reimburse users without taking a hit to the treasury.”

“ConsenSys introduced the new AirSwap on Tuesday, culminating “Phase II” of its development roadmap. Beginning Tuesday, exchange users will also be able to participate in governance by staking their AirSwap tokens on Codefi Activate.

The upgraded exchange will protect traders from both front-running and price slippage by leveraging the request-for-quote, or RFQ, protocol and atomic swaps for settlement. The company expects RFQ models will capture roughly 40% of decentralized trading volume in the future. It also presents a better use case for over-the-counter, or OTC, trades.

Some of the largest trades in DeFi have been on AirSwap OTC.”

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“The eye-popping 888 ETH virtual land sale is said to mark the largest NFT transaction of all time.

What we’re witnessing is a historic moment; the rise of digital nations with their own system of clearly delineated, irrevocable property rights.”

The fund will focus on global early- and growth-stage companies that will shape the next generation of financial services and digital systems, the venture capital arm of Thailand’s oldest bank announced.

The firm’s chief venture and investment officer said blockchain-enabled financial services have the potential to spur financial inclusion, enable open access and encourage innovation.”

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