19 November

To sum up, today’s market is far more mature, more financialized, more surveilled, more orderly, more restrained, less reflexive, more capital-efficient, and more liquid than the market that powered the prior bull run in 2017.”

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“Rollup-centric upgrades, a simplified merge and the parallelization of phases are among the top revisions to ETH 2.0’s roadmap, according to Buterin, which impact the final network results.

All of these changes are designed to decrease the time until eth2 becomes useful to people. TLDR: merge happens faster, PoS happens faster, you get your juicy 100k TPS faster.”

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The billionaire shared a video captured in “a Latin country” depicting banks throwing out garbage bags filled with paper money into a dumpster. He asserted that ‘paper money is worth nothing,’ adding: ‘That is why it is always good to diversify our investment portfolio.’

Three hours later, Pliego then tweeted a recommendation for the book The Bitcoin Standard, asserting that ‘Bitcoin protects the citizen from government expropriation‘ and revealing his cryptocurrency investment.

Many people ask me if I have Bitcoins, YES. I have 10% of my liquid portfolio invested.”

“Today, we’re excited to introduce the new Ledger lending feature to the world!

This gives you access to Compound lending services directly through Ledger Live: you can now lend your USDT, USDC or DAI and earn interest for it!

“Brooks said the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, or OCC, was on the cusp of allowing trust companies to become banks.

Companies like Anchorage, Coinbase Custody, and Gemini are already operating as trust companies under state-issued trust company charters.”

The Thai SEC now allows firms dealing with digital assets to include the value of those assets when calculating their net capital funds. The new rules follow a surge in volume on Thai exchanges.”

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Major players in U.S. crypto lobbying are coming out in defense of noncustodial wallets.

On Tuesday, the Blockchain Association released a new report presenting policy options for self-hosted wallets to regulators. On Wednesday, Coin Center published an expert view by Jai Ramaswamy, also defending such wallets.

Ramaswamy and the Blockchain Association agree that efforts to enforce AML are best suited to crypto-to-fiat on- and off-ramps — typically exchanges.

A sober review of the technology explains why such efforts are bound to fail and will only serve to undermine rather than enhance efforts to detect and disrupt illicit financial activity.”

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