4 November

“A new consultation paper will propose that the SFC be given expanded regulatory oversight over all ‘centralized virtual asset trading platforms‘ in Hong Kong.

Crypto platforms will initially only be allowed serve professional investors under the proposed regime, and will have to maintain high levels of investor protection and security.

“Visa has invited digital asset wallet provider ZenGo into its Fast Track program. The startup hopes to use the program, which has famously championed Bitcoin’s Lightning Network and rewards app Fold, to help launch a crypto-integrated payment card for the U.S. in early 2021.

ZenGo CEO Ouriel Ohayon talked up the non-custodial aspect of the Visa-backed card, which he says sets it apart from the likes of PayPal.

Those other offerings are only a half-vanilla taste of what crypto is because they only let you own an IOU over a cryptocurrency. This is the only one that is tied to a user-controlled wallet where the users have control of their funds and the funds are on-chain.”

“Difficulty dropped to 16.787 trillion at around 9:00 UTC on Tuesday, its lowest level since June. The adjustment marks the second-largest percentage decrease of all time, dropping by just over 16%.

Only 17% of adjustments are negative, and even fewer – roughly 2% – are double-digit percentage decreases. ‘What we are seeing now is indeed an anomaly.’

Tuesday’s significant adjustment comes as many mining companies in China’s Sichuan province are taking machines offline and relocating to cheaper energy sources after the end of the region’s rainy season.”

“According to David Robinson, the regional anti-corruption advisor at the UN’s Office on Drugs and Crime, blockchain-based solutions can provide full traceability of transactions, protecting public registries from fraud and forgery.

Kenya is reportedly losing up to a third of its budget to corruption each year due to a lack of modern equipment and technology for fighting graft. Failures to track corruption cases reportedly cause the country to lose as much as $6 billion each year.”

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“Chainlink has been integrated by 29 projects in October alone.

Since it launched, in 2017, the decentralized oracle provider has been integrated into 315 projects – including 74 blockchains, 98 decentralized finance (DeFi) projects, 23 data providers and 44 nodes.

We’ve arrived at economics that makes sense—it costs less for a user to use one of our oracle networks, with seven to 21 nodes, than it does for them to broadcast from one node.”

Forking, or the creation of a new blockchain ledger, might very well be the successor of modding. And in its embrace of the technology, Nine Chronicles represents the vanguard of the movement.

Unlike modding, forking relies on a pre-existing network of nodes that run the game. Planetarium represents just one node. If the creators drop out, the game can continue and evolve.

What’s really interesting and powerful about the blockchain is that anyone can turn their node off, and the game will continue.

The game, which was released last Tuesday, sold out of its native token—used to exchange items and interact with some aspects within the game.”

“Most DAOs today are built with an ERC-20 token as their means of governance voting — which ultimately leads to many people becoming investors if they want to take part in any form of governance, or worse — governance ran by speculators. Neither is ideal.

But Mintable doesn’t like ERC-20s, we like NFTs (ERC-721 non-fungible tokens).

Each person who wants to vote has an NFT that contains their voting power on it. Each NFT is unique, and each NFT is given to anyone when they buy/sell an NFT on our marketplace.

This means people who actively use our platform, have a say in our platform. Exactly what we want.”

Crypto-based prediction markets should be flourishing on blockchain right now but have failed to deliver up to this point. The election has breathed life into prediction markets but what is going to happen when it ends? Are people going to be as enthusiastic about them?