The Disrupt Weekend

“Bitcoin has soared to a 33-month high above $14,000, showing resilience amid growing instability in the traditional markets. Stocks have just seen both their worst week and month since March.

Market sentiment has been buoyed by several public companies’ recent disclosures of bitcoin treasury investments.

Bitcoin currently has a very strong underlying bid from institutions.

If the cryptocurrency manages to establish a foothold above the June 2019 high of $13,880, the focus would shift to the daily chart resistance range at $15,800–$16,000.”

ETHOnline: Intro to Eth2 & Staking

“Has it only been a dozen years since Oct. 31, 2008, that Satoshi Nakamoto published a modest nine-page paper describing a new online payments system called “Bitcoin”?

[Satoshi] would be pleased to see the evolution and new applications of his vision. It has set in motion a revolution in finance with the rise of DeFi apps, smart contracts, and coin offerings, in addition to a payment revolution that is leading to central bank digital currencies.

Its impact is worthy of being considered alongside other major technical innovations, such as the personal computer and internet.”

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“She had three phones; most people she knew had anywhere from two to seven.

On the EUnternet she was a public citizen: standing up straight in sensible shoes, speaking respectfully at a never-ending town hall, with a stenographer taking her remarks for the record.

On the U.S. internet she was a resource: scrutinized and hassled, her work time and attention auctioned off, paid in company scrip to buy goods at the company store, her activity bundled and packaged and sold to boost some unfathomable corporate synergy and squeeze out a little more value to the shareholders.

But on the darknet she could breathe. She could get weird. She could be herself.”

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Bitcoin and Friends: Episode 6

With reports indicating a growth of over 2.5 billion users, Cassidy believes that future growth is predicated on the usability of NFT exchanges: ‘Hot NFT sectors like art need these marketplaces to allow price discovery to take form as their value is purely subjective in nature. The exchanges offer this foundation for awareness of a new asset class as well as direct access for investment into it.’

The use cases for NFT are incredibly powerful. Whether it be providing non-custodial ownership of video game items and domain names, creating digital scarce art, or tracing commodities — they lend themselves well to various high-value use cases in a digitally native world.

Below is a rundown of some popular NFT marketplaces.”

Ocean Protocol, a Singaporean non-profit foundation, was hired to create a decentralized network for Germany’s Bundesbank.

Bundesbank detailed in its public notice that the main purpose of the project is to set up a ‘decentralized network approach, which allows participants a permanent, symmetrical data access for the realization of real-time updates of statistics while preserving data sovereignty.‘”

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