The Disrupt Weekend

“This week, AugurDAO released the first fully functional version of Augur Foundry, a UI for minting, wrapping, and settling outcome shares in Augur markets.

The Foundry tokenizes outcome shares in Augur markets into ERC20s, so they are composable and easily transferrable. Now, they can dance with the rest of DeFi.

The first version of the Foundry features ONE market: the U.S. presidential election.

AugurDAO launched a Balancer pool with the election outcome tokens. It’s a three-way pool with DAI, yTrump, and nTrump. If the market resolves YES (Trump wins the election), each yTrump token settles for one DAI, and each nTrump pays out zero. If it resolves NO, each nTrump settles for one DAI, and yTrumps pay out zero.

Last night, CoinGecko listed yTrump. At any point in time, its price should reflect the market’s perceived probability of Trump winning the election. For example, if it’s trading at .45, that signals ~45% odds of a Trump victory.”

Delphi Digital, a cryptocurrency research and consulting firm, purchased five Ethereum non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for over $162,000 on the blockchain game Axie Infinity yesterday.

And for Delphi Digital, Axies meant business. In periodic purchases on Thursday, the firm picked up five such Axie NFTs—like a “3 mystic” reptile Venom—and others for amounts ranging from 69.9 Ether (≈$24,128) to 150 Ether (≈$51,778).

In terms of scarcity, the so-called “Quad Mystic” type Axie that Delphi purchased was one of three ever made—out of an estimated 150,000 total Axies to ever be minted in the game.

As 3-4 mystics, they’re the rarest, most scarce Axies in the game. In the future, they’re the only Axies that can evolve into legendaries. They can also be used to generate a yield from battling and breeding them.”

“Balancer liquidity mining is only the tip of the iceberg. This new AMM can support all sorts of wild and innovative liquidity products. Stuff like smart pools, liquidity bootstrapping pools (LBPs), and more. All of this is coming to Balancer in the coming months.

This tactic will show you how you can provide liquidity to Balancer and highlights a few of the highest returning Balancer pools on the market today. Learn how to use ETH, BTC, and USD to earn over 100% APY on your assets.”

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“The internet, though purporting to solve historical forms of inequality by flattening communications, failed to realize its collective dream. It failed in large part because although it broadened and democratized speech, its economic logic was still beholden to hierarchical capitalist models of value extraction. The internet became, without our really knowing it, an economic medium, and a medium of brutal extraction.

Indeed, by 2020 world communication had been turned into the most potent engine for centralized value accumulation ever created.

No longer, it had been decided by a growing number of Earthlings by 2030, will companies and governments strip us of our expressive power, our powers to create cultures, worlds and value(s). No longer will they devalue our lives in accord with their agendas.

We will no longer alienate our “content” as property for someone else’s platform, we will no longer provide labor for someone else’s capital.

These two projects, the redesign of communications and the redesign of money are actually one. We know that you only get democracy with economic democracy, and that both imply radical decentralization.

In 2030 we do not need banks to provide us with liquidity, we receive liquidity over the same medium we use to communicate; we receive it from our trust-worthy network of peers, who will share stake in our activities as we share stake in theirs.

Our communication is increasingly our economy, and our economy is our communication.

Here, everything we do that is valuable to anyone else in our network can provide us with liquidity, units of credit on a secure, distributed computing fabric that is collectively built and owned.

“Value” was no longer a one-dimensional (dollar denominated) monologue. It became possible to value, in economic terms, “externalities” such as care, the environment, and indigenous forms of life.”

“There’s no denying that the above tokens have taken the whole crypto space by storm, mainly because of the quick succession in which they were introduced. A deeper look at the trend reveals similarities to the initial coin offering mania of 2017. Money is being pumped into these projects, while information about the developers and founders of most of them remains a mystery or is surrounded by controversy.

Here’s a look at the structure of the most popular ones.”

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“Venezuela has its first Bitcoin satellite node capable of processing transactions without an internet connection.

The Venezuelan “space node” was set up in the country by Anibal Garrido and the Anibal Cripto team. It uses technology from Blockstream, which contracts satellites—in this case, EUTELSAT-113—to broadcast data between points via offline connections. That’s huge in a country where internet infrastructure is lacking.

Garrido added that he hopes to expand access by deploying something akin to a mesh network that can broadcast data between various devices.”

“KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu said that one or more hackers obtained the private keys to the exchange’s hot wallets. KuCoin’s cold wallets were unaffected.

KuCoin is investigating the hack with international law enforcement and stolen customer money will be “covered completely” by an insurance fund, Lyu said.”

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“OpenBazaar, launched in 2014, is one of the longest-running decentralized marketplaces. The marketplace said that it had “no choice” but to shut down its services due to a lack of “user growth and adoption.”

We don’t have a solid target at the moment but a soft one for us is 100k to keep it up for the next year.”