The Disrupt Weekend

“Bitcoin closed the month of July at $11,351, its highest monthly close since the bellwether cryptocurrency’s all-time high nearly two-and-a-half years ago. Bitcoin gained 24% in July.

Bitcoin’s investor base is “highly favorable” for a continued move up, said Yan Liberman, former associate at Deutsche Bank and co-founder of Delphi Digital.”

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“Aggregate trading volume on decentralized exchanges reached $4,32 billion in July, up from $1.52 billion in June. 41% of July’s volume came from Uniswap.

Decentralized finance has exploded over the past couple months. We’ve seen the largest use cases as trading, and borrowing and lending. I expect this trend to continue.

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Medalla Testnet Launch: August 4, 12:30pm UTC

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“Boardroom is an integrated governance and communications management portal providing an easy and flexible solution for stakeholders to exchange a wealth of governance information, insight, and participation tools.

The goal of the portal is to enable token holders, issuers, and protocol politicians (delegates) to understand the governance processes they hold influence in and allow them to frictionlessly participate across different protocols.

We’ll be releasing an Alpha of the Boardroom Portal on August 6th.”

“The Synthetix Foundation, which since the project’s 2018 launch has largely controlled the direction of the synthetic assets platform, is winding down and three DAOs are taking over; protocolDAO, grantsDAO and synthetixDAO.

The move highlights just how different startups building open-source protocols are to traditional ventures. While in the “old world” founders usually seek to hold as much power as possible (Mark Zuckerberg alone controls 60% of Facebook), in the new world of decentralized finance and Web3, the end goals for many of these projects is to give power away so that ultimately, the project’s community will have full control.

ProtocolDAO controls Synthetix’s smart contracts using a multisig which requires four of eight signers to agree on protocol upgrades (4/8 multisig). SynthetixDAO, a structure that’s already in place, will provide funding for the network’s growth. GrantsDAO is a 4/5 multisig, whose signers decide on public good funding.”

Bitcoin vs Ethereum Transaction Visualizer

“Titled “Bitcoin Investment Thesis: An Aspirational Store of Value,” the paper argued that Bitcoin is capable of becoming an “insurance policy” that may provide protection against various consequences of contemporary monetary practices.

Many investors consider Bitcoin to be an aspirational store of value in that it has the properties of a store of value but has yet to be widely accepted as such.”

“Ethereum Classic developers said the reorganization could have resulted from ‘the offending miner [having] lost access to internet access for a while when mining.’

While this is getting sorted out exchanges need to pause [ETC] deposits and withdrawals.

Saturday’s reorganization lasted for roughly 15.4 hours worth of blocks. A reorganization happens when two versions of a blockchain compete for validity from nodes in the network.”