28 July

“We’re happy to announce the release of the eth2 validator launchpad (testnet version). We’re releasing it now so that you can keep track of, and make deposits into, the upcoming Medalla multi-client testnet. But we’ll continue to fine-tune the interface in the run-up to mainnet launch.

The idea behind the launchpad is to make the process of becoming an eth2 validator as easy as possible, without compromising on security and education. The first mission of the launchpad is to help validators educate themselves about all aspects of the process. Above all, we want to make sure validators know what they’re doing, and why they’re doing it.”

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“Bitcoin (BTC) price rallied within $50 of the $11,000 mark after managing a strong breakout above the $10,500 level. For the past 6 months analysts have kept a laser sharp focus on the key level and many forecast that Bitcoin price would soar once the multi-year resistance was obliterated.

Bitcoin’s recent surge above the long-term descending trendline from the 2017 all-time high, and today’s move above $10,500 were fueled by high volume spikes.”

“The total value of cryptocurrency locked in decentralized finance’s (DeFi) oldest project has surpassed $1 billion for the first time. The milestone, which represents how much money has been committed and not earned, demonstrates a rising interest in MakerDao and DeFi projects alike.

Collateral, locked up in the form of ether (ETH) or basic attention token (BAT), is used on Maker’s protocol to undertake lending and generate DAI as debt against collateral.”

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“BCB Group, which provides payments services in Europe to institutional players such as Bitstamp, Coinbase, Galaxy and Kraken, is launching an instant settlement network for cash and crypto.

BLINC is a real-time gross settlement system. BLINC members no longer need to use conventional payment schemes such as SWIFT and SEPA, which can be slow moving and only operate during office hours.

BLINC is an appealing proposition for Bitstamp as it enables us to offer our clients a frictionless mechanism to fund their trading accounts.”

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“The first model looked at synthetic CBDCs (sCBDC), which are backed by the liabilities of a central bank but issued with the aid of a private entity, such as a commercial bank.

The private sector should be left to deal with customer due diligence, wallet design and currency distribution, while the central bank would be in charge of regulation and supervision.

The second, “two-tiered,” model puts central banks in charge of the issuance of a CBDC and transaction settlement”

“Red Date Technology, the Beijing-based crypto company behind the network, is ramping up plans to roll out BSN across the world.

The BSN, which is supported by the Chinese government, aims to provide developers with the tools to create blockchain applications, acting as a blockchain hosting platform for individuals and small businesses.

BSN has already made a significant impact since its initial rollout in April, signing up over 6,000 customers. Most of its users are government organizations, businesses, and people based in China, who are using it for tasks such as managing supply chains and government documents.”

“Twitch is giving subscribers a 10% discount if they pay using cryptocurrencies. Users can pay in bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash or litecoin.

Twitch had around 3.8 million broadcasters in Q1 2020 and around 1.44 million concurrent users as of March 2020. The company uses U.S.-based BitPay to process its crypto payments.”

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“A second private sale of the Polkadot token (DOT) netted the Web3 Foundation and Parity Technologies some 3,982.07 bitcoin (BTC) worth an estimated $43.3 million at press time.

The token offering was not available in certain jurisdictions such as the United States, according to the sale’s website. DOTs were listed for $125 per token, according to Reddit users claiming to be involved in the sale.

Polkadot raised $145 million in 2017, selling 50% of the network’s then 10 million DOTs.”

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