21 July

“The new Paxos brokerage, an API-based solution for making crypto services easy for businesses to roll out, allows cryptocurrency buying, selling, holding and sending capabilities – while handling all regulatory compliance aspects. Paxos, which holds a New York state trust charter, is a qualified custodian, legally permitted to hold gold and digital assets such as bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) on institutional investors’ behalf.

The offering would make PayPal one of the most prominent mainstream companies to offer cryptocurrency purchases, joining fellow publicly-traded payments provider Square and unicorn stock brokerage Robinhood.

A formal announcement of the PayPal relationship could come as soon as this week, one source said.”

“The Ethereum Foundation launched two Ethereum 2.0 ‘attack networks’ for hackers to break in exchange for a bug bounty.

The networks are designed to give security researchers a sandbox environment where they can try to break Ethereum 2.0’s networks by exploiting potential issues in the clients. Currently, there are two “beta-0” attack networks based on the Lighthouse and Prysm clients.

“The French central bank will start working with each of the eight players “over the coming months”, aiming to explore “new methods of exchanging financial instruments”. Additionally, the pilot projects will try to establish how CBDCs can be distributed and used for cross-border payments.

Notedly, Banque de France seems to be researching wholesale rather than retail uses for a digital euro, meaning that the CBDC be designed for “interbank regulations”, not consumer purposes.

The list of approved participants includes mainstream juggernauts like Accenture, HSBC, and Societe Generale, as well as smaller crypto-focused players like Seba Bank and LiquidShare.”

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“The firm is building what he claimed would become one of the most-secure crypto custody solutions on the market. As many as 20 institutions have expressed interest in the custodial solution.

Although it will be based in the U.K., it will be open to clients from around the world. As well as assets such as bitcoin, SC Ventures is looking at also making the solution suitable for security tokens.

If digital assets more broadly are here to stay as an asset class, then you will need the infrastructure to keep them safe.”

“Mastercard said it was simplifying access to its Accelerate program for crypto card issuers, allowing applicants to be onboarded as partners “in a matter of weeks.”

The cryptocurrency market continues to mature, and Mastercard is driving it forward, creating safe and secure experiences for consumers and businesses in today’s digital economy.

Wirex has become the first native cryptocurrency platform to be granted a Mastercard principal membership, which will allow it to directly issue crypto payment cards.”

“The latest DeFi yield farming mania involves yEarn, a yield aggregating platform developed by just one man, Andre Cronje. Despite his warnings that the platform’s token, YFI, is worthless and “won’t be on Uniswap,” it was in fact listed on Uniswap. A price run for more than 4,000% in a single day kicked off as a consequence. The valuation for the token began at about $30 dollars, and it reached an all-time high of $2,374 the next day.

The YFI token can be earned by simply providing liquidity to a family of DeFi platforms developed primarily by Cronje, where yEarn.finance is the flagship product. The platform automates the process of finding the highest yield among other DeFi platforms.

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“Ant Group has kickstarted the process of a concurrent initial public offering (IPO) on both the Shanghai and Hong Kong stock exchanges. The fintech giant said that a dual listing would allow it to fund further domestic and global expansion as well as invest more in technology and innovation.

JPMorgan and Bank of America analysts now value the company at well over $200 billion. If that valuation holds, Ant Group’s offering would make the company one of the most highly valued in the world and, arguably, the largest firm operating in the blockchain space.”

“What this means is, of the 615 current Ethereum Classic nodes listed by ETC Nodes, 425 won’t update in the future as developers make changes via hard forks.

We explored various options to work with different players from ETC but in the end we felt we want to focus on the thing we know and that is Ethereum.

In addition, it has concerns about that blockchain’s immutability. Phoenix introduced new internal changes to the tokenomics of the blockchain network, called OP-CODEs. Changing those tokennomics necessarily broke some smart contracts thereby harming the network’s image as the “immutable” version of Ethereum.

If the original good reason that caused the disruptions and splits of ETH and ETC is no longer valid, then I think for a healthy ecosystem of Ethereum, we should follow the majority consensus of ETH, or support a merge of ETH and ETC.”

“HM Treasury said Monday it was looking to clamp down on “misleading and inadequate promotions” that endangered retail investors.

The proposals call for companies to pass through a “regulatory gateway” before being approved to promote cryptocurrency products. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) would become the body responsible for overseeing digital asset promotions.”

“A new version of Russia’s major draft bill on cryptocurrency regulation does not include criminal offense codes as lawmakers are expected to hold the bill’s second reading tomorrow.

Each bill is subject to three readings as it passes the development from draft to adoption. The proposed legislation does not intend to introduce criminal liability such as fines and prison terms for illegal use of crypto in Russia.”