The Disrupt Weekend

“MKR holders have accepted KNC (Kyber Network) and ZRX (0x) as new collateral assets in the Maker Protocol. Both tokens can now be used to open Maker Vaults in order to generate Dai.

“Driskill is among the first adopters of “social money,” in which crypto’s socialites create their own cryptocurrencies, then gift or sell them to their followers. Once minted, they can raise money with token sales and encourage loyalty among their fans. The fans themselves can use the tokens to buy goods or services or even vote to influence the behavior of their creator.

From my followers’ perspective, it’s a way for them to interact with me. From my perspective, it’s a way to build an economy.

Human tokens create a marketplace for loyalty in a way that fiat currencies cannot. If Taylor Swift, for instance, wants to thank her fans, it’d be weird if she gave them $30. But if she gave them $SWIFTIES, that’s a great way of forming a sense of belonging and creating a community.

This is a truly novel means of value discovery since for the first time ever a person’s time can be tradeable on secondary markets, which could reduce the dependence on corporations as vehicles for coordinating economic activity.”

“Clearly we’re entering into a phase where there is going to be an all-out brawl for liquidity, based on absolutely massive subsidies being offered in the form of governance tokens.

In the near term, yield farming ensures that compatibility between lending and exchange protocols is mutualistic, benefiting both protocols due to the supercharged stacking of yields.

Once the subsidies from yield farming decline to more sustainable levels, it is unclear whether such linkages will prove to be commensalistic or even parasitic, benefiting one type of protocol at the expense of the other.”

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Web3Torrent is a browser based torrenting client that supports incentivized peer-to-peer filesharing using micropayments. The micropayments are built using state channels that run on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Users can upload files and begin seeding to earn small, incremental, amounts of money from anyone that downloads from them.

State channels are a layer 2 scaling technique for Ethereum; they enable trustless, instant, and zero-fee transactions amongst fixed groups of users.

Web3Torrent is running live on the Goërli testnet right now.”

“Over the last few years, I gained over $12 million dollars investing in cryptocurrencies. I did not take a single profit until they maxed out at a hundredfold at the very peak of the market in December 2017. The timing was perfect, I nailed it. However, I only took a small percentage of those gains.

This is what I’ve learned from riding the crypto market all the way up and down.”

In-depth: Decentraland.

Decentraland, the first metaverse to be built on the blockchain, is now open for business. Ever since the Argentina-based team raised $25 million in its 2017 ICO, much of the blockchain community has been eager to enter the matrix.

The metaverse has been quietly open for early users (and investors) since 2019. It more fully opened to the public on Feb. 20 and it continues to work out the glitches as it prepares for wider adoption.

How is Decentraland different from Second Life? ‘The world is owned by the users.’

Welcome to the strange, glitchy, fascinating, frustrating and potentially wonderful reality of Decentraland.”

“Even in Traditional Finance we already see the ability of Robo-advisors like Betterment to help me plan for a specific event, or goal, and reallocate my portfolio accordingly.

Using the composability of Ethereum and DeFi, I will be able to have a highly customized portfolio based on my life. If I am saving for my retirement, and my child’s education, I live in Texas and am susceptible to the price of oil, my job is based on the value of the Stock Market, and I want to take one big vacation per year…I will have the ability (theoretically) to create a portfolio that is diversified, contains hedges, creates income, and provides enough liquidity to help me reach my goals.

The Decentralized Finance Asset Management tools, developers, architects, and ecosystem has the potential to bring in millions of investors, many of which have never had the opportunity to invest before.”

“Rockside’s “transaction relay service” algorithmically determines gas prices on behalf of users.

Through its API, Rockside also offers “gasless” transactions. These use gas provided by the developer of the DeFi protocol that cover users’ gas fees for simple interactions with the blockchain.”

“Before the addition of refunds, senders and receivers had to coordinate addresses and payment amounts, often requiring multiple back-and-forth messages. Now, merchants can generate refunds directly from invoices—no additional communication or slowdowns.

As the software becomes more robust, there’s a good chance savvy e-commerce sellers will increasingly be drawn to the open-source, fee-less alternative to centralized payment processors.”