27 June

“A new regulatory regime for cryptocurrency will not only cover unregulated digital assets, but it will also consolidate and homogenize existing standards across the continent.

While Dombrovskis’ speech contained few specifics, he did say that the EU was particularly keen to bring stricter rules on any project deemed to be a “global stablecoin.”

Stablecoins, possibly like Libra, that operate on a global scale can ‘raise additional challenges,’ Dombrovskis said – they can disrupt financial and monetary stability.”

“Opyn has launched put options on COMP that will provide a safety net of sorts by helping holders mitigate some of the risk should COMP’s fortunes take a turn for the worse.

A trader with a bearish view on COMP can [also] just buy put options at the available strike price of $150. If COMP drops, the oTokens will appreciate in value and traders can liquidate them on Uniswap.

Several hours later, Universal Market Access (UMA) announced it is creating the ability to synthetically short COMP on its decentralized platform.”

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“Dubbed ‘Forecast’, Facebook’s new iOS app polls users on a variety of forward-facing issues, with respondents using in-app points to access surveys on the platform. Survey results will be made publicly available via the Forecast website.

The app is currently only available to invited users based in the United States and Canada while the platform is in beta testing.

While decentralized prediction markets are still in their infancy, Augur’s (REP) imminent v2 transition is expected to offer a powerful platform for decentralized betting markets ahead of the U.S. election in November.”

“The pilot proves a use case for Assembly that applies to all foreign exchange contracts.

The FX announcement follows a digital asset-backed securities pilot that Vanguard announced the completion of earlier this month. The FX pilot’s completion also shows that the Assembly blockchain could quickly become a viable option for many large enterprises engaged in FX.

The planned exchange will trade in tokenized real estate. They are also exploring digitizing IPs and corporate bonds.

As the first step in the journey, Tokai Tokyo is investing in blockchain company Hash Dash Holdings to leverage the company’s knowledge to develop the exchange.”

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“Hyundai applied to the intellectual property authorities for the brand names Altum, Atolo, and Rizon. Each application has the description ‘electronic wallets that can hold cryptocurrencies.

The data from the recent trademark filing indicates that the company may aim to provide services like crypto trading, crypto ATMs, crypto-related hardware, software, crypto issuance, and sales.

“A beta version of Electrum 4.0, the latest version of the Bitcoin wallet, launched on Wednesday, adding support for the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Electrum is one of the first Bitcoin wallets to support the Lightning network, which is still highly experimental.

Electrum’s implementation of Lightning uses its own servers but users are encouraged to select their own, or ones they deem reliable.

Since servers can lie about the state of a channel, users should either use a server that they trust, or set up a private watchtower.”

“Bitfinex has announced an open-source peer-to-peer data streaming platform that will allow users to share media across a decentralized network.

The code for Bitfinex’s “Dazaar” protocol has been uploaded to GitHub, describing a decentralized network in which distributed node operators store the information shared among users.

Buyers and sellers connect over the platform via a cryptographic identifier or “Dazaar Card,” with sellers able to purchase streams using crypto assets or credit cards. The protocol also features a live-streaming desktop application that allows sellers to manage subscriptions and broadcasts.”

“Members of the investing platform Republic can buy digital tokens called Republic Notes on July 16. Republic Note holders receive shares of profits from Republic’s investments in startups and private equities once those companies exit (i.e., are bought or go public).

Robinhood and Carta (formerly eShares) raised $6.3 and $13.7 million, respectively, on the crowdsourcing vehicle, although both did so in private sales. Still, there have been plenty of public raises on Republic.”

“Liquid – a network developed and overseen by Blockstream and meant to move bitcoins around more quickly than the Bitcoin blockchain – moved 870 bitcoins that had been stuck in a queue since June 11 waiting to be processed.

Holders of the network’s emergency two-of-three multisig wallet had potential access to the funds for about one hour. Whether or not this has happened in the past remains an open and pertinent security question.

Blockstream’s administrator backdoor activated, and Liquid security became dependent on trusting the company.”

“The company is refunding 100% of customer funds after the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) suspended the activities of Wirecard Card Solutions.

All funds will be refunded in the next 48 hours. Users will not be able to top up or transact with Crypto.com cards as of later today.