28 May

“Coinbase is finally acquiring Tagomi, a prime brokerage platform specializing in digital asset trading. The two companies said the deal is expected to be finalized later this year.

We are going to be integrating the Tagomi platform into our product suite and it will form the foundation for the future of our institutional trading business.

Crypto prime brokerage, which offers institutional clients easier access to liquidity, custody, lending and other products, appears to be on a roll right now.

Coinbase said the acquisition comes at something of an inflection point in the industry [and stated] it has seen a 100% increase in volume from professional and institutional traders over the past three months.”

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“RenVM Mainnet is live! This marks the beginning of a cross-chain era for DeFi and we couldn’t be more excited for its impact on the digital asset ecosystem.

RenVM is an sMPC based decentralized custodian that fluidly mints and burns digital assets 1:1 on Ethereum as ERC20s. This means you can now use real BTC, BCH, and ZEC in any DeFi app.

“We are excited to announce that the Raiden Network Alderaan release is live on the Ethereum mainnet. The Alderaan release is the first full suite version of Raiden.

The goal of this release is to have a secure and reliable, feature complete version of the Raiden Network that allows other projects to start building on top of and integrating Raiden into their dApps.

We encourage anyone interested in doing fast, cheap and scalable payments on Ethereum to try out the Alderaan release.”

“Goldman Sachs held an investor call Wednesday to discuss current policies for bitcoin, gold and inflation in the context of the COVID-19 crisis. The big takeaway? The stalwart investment bank is still no fan of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

A slideshow released before the call cited hacks and other losses related to cryptocurrencies as well as their use to “abet illicit activities” as some potential liabilities.

The criticisms were very cookie cutter, the type you’d expect if someone just read mainstream headlines.”

“Global telecommunications giant Vodafone has partnered with blockchain startup Energy Web (EWT) to connect “billions” of distributed energy generating assets.

The project will combine SIM-centric DLT with IoT connectivity provided by Vodafone Business to “create secure IDs for energy assets.”

This means that renewable and distributed assets like wind turbines, batteries, heat pumps, and solar panels can be integrated with energy grids safely and efficiently.”

“The idea is a licensed eMoney provider stores client funds in a central bank and, in return, receives a central bank liability they can package however they see fit into a publicly tradeable stablecoin that remains fully-backed by central bank reserves.

This public-private partnership [of a synthetic CBDC] is intended to conserve the competitive advantages of the private sector: to interface with clients and innovate, and the comparative advantage of the central bank: to regulate and provide trust.

In fact, there would be nothing to stop, under the IMF’s interpretation, multiple private companies all issuing digital currencies that are all backed by the same central bank liabilities, and effectively compete with one another.”

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“Theta is unique in that their video delivery network needs both a reliable, high-performance network – which we provide via our premium network tier – as well as reputable node operators to ensure protocol security.

Google will become the protocol’s fifth external validator node. Google Cloud is also becoming Theta’s preferred cloud provider with today’s announcement.

Theta rewards network participants for relaying video content to other users using their spare bandwidth and computing resources. The end result should be a ‘massive decentralized mesh network of relayers.'”

“The latest date for which data is available in May produced $34 million for Bakkt’s physically-settled Bitcoin futures. Cash-settled Bitcoin futures recorded $9.3 million in volume.

The trend reverses the previous status quo, under which futures settled in fiat saw larger volumes.

“A new kind of cryptocurrency tipbot allows users to pay others to answer their questions on social media, providing a new tool to pool data in the ecosystem.

Lee showcased the system on May 18 by asking Bitcoin ABC lead developer Amaury Sechet if he believes Bitcoin Cash’s value can exceed the value of Bitcoin. Sechet was paid 0.5 BCH (about $114 as of press time) to answer the question.

Other than Twitter, CCTip will also work on Telegram, Discord, WeChat and on Reddit.”

“This alternative, virtual economy now has 2.5 billion users and is growing at an extraordinary pace, as people look for virtual ways to earn real income and deliver traditionally offline experiences online.

Our primary focus was on NFT-based, decentralized platforms because they are creating economic infrastructure that adds value to virtual assets in a way that nothing else ever really has.

Egan believes that, in the coming years, society, culture and economics will be transformed by these virtual worlds, as virtual tycoons, decentralized government and digital nations emerge.”

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