18 May

JK Rowling Asks About Bitcoin. Accursed Crypto Twitter Scares Her Off

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“The survey, conducted in February, found only one “small African central bank” would use blockchain as the basis for a CBDC.

71% of respondents said they would consider building a CBDC on DLT. DLT includes private and permissioned networks, shared with a handful of known and trusted nodes.”

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Temasek, one of Singapore’s two government-owned investment vehicles, is among the latest companies to join the Libra Association. The addition may help explain why the Singapore dollar has figured prominently in Libra’s plans from the early days.

Temasek manages $216 billion in assets for Singapore’s government and has previously shown a penchant for blockchain ventures.

Our participation in the Libra Association as a member will allow us to contribute towards a regulated global network for cost-effective retail payments.

Libra also announced Thursday two cryptocurrency-focused investment firms in San Francisco had joined the association: Paradigm and Slow Ventures.”

A month on from Binance buying CoinMarketCap for a rumored $400 million, the crypto price aggregation site has unveiled an exchange ranking system that gives its new owner the best score possible. CoinMarketCap’s new metric focuses on web traffic.

Now, I can finally have a clear view of the field and see who the real upcoming exchanges are, lol.

Coincidentally, Binance achieved a perfect web score factor – 1,000 out of a possible 1,000. Decrypt reported Binance had been ranked 15 under CoinMarketCap’s old exchange metric system.

Lol indeed.”

Bithumb officially announced that they will be delisting Monero (XMR) from their trading platform as of June 1.

Recently, Monero has been in the spotlight due to reports of Telegram users using XMR to purchase illegal pornographic material — much of which involved minors.

We are conducting a technical review related to securing traceability through ongoing discussions with each foundation on virtual assets with similar characteristics other than Monero.

Huobi announced April 12 that they would be ending support for Monero amid the scandal.”

“While Facebook and Telegram have either delayed or cancelled their cryptocurrency projects, Reddit is going full steam ahead. If this trial is successful, it could send a clear message to other apps around the world that they should follow in its stead. And at the same time, it’s an exciting test for crypto in the real world.

The beta test is currently in operation through summer 2020. The new system will start with two communities—r/CryptoCurrency and r/FortniteBR—with tokens aptly named “Moon” and “Bricks.””

“CryptoKitties, has just launched 100 tokens depicting ‘Catterina’ — a new collectible drawn by brand ambassador, Momo Wang — on the Winklevoss-backed exchange Nifty.

Wang is best known for drawing a cartoon rabbit, Tuzki, that is shared millions of times each day across Facebook and WeChat. Within approximately three minutes of launching, the 100 tokens depicting Wang’s ‘Catterina’ had sold out.

The most significant progress made by the NFT sector appears to be taking place in the blockchain gaming industry — where tokenized items that can be privately owned, purchased, and traded are becoming embedded into games.”

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“Developers who use Arkane Network tools will thus be able to integrate the Atari Token within their games, allowing it to be used for buying, selling, and trading in-game assets.

With this partnership, we will bring game developers, the gaming community, and the Atari brand together to embrace blockchain technology as a solution to record digital assets and value transactions.

Atari is currently holding a closed presale for its token, with further presale rounds coming ahead of a public sale this summer.”

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“The majority of TON investors purportedly decided to get their money back as soon as possible, choosing the 72% option. As reported, some investors have already received their reimbursement.

The decision is mainly based on concerns over potential lawsuits from U.S. investors.”

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“Signs indicate that Venezuela’s state-backed cryptocurrency quietly underwent a hard fork earlier this month.

The official Petro block explorer now lists May 5, 2020, as the date that its genesis block was mined. Other block explorers record Oct.13, 2018, as the date for Petro’s genesis block — suggesting that there is more than one Petro chain currently in existence.”

WTF Happened in 1971 (Good Watch)

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