23 April

Stablecoin issuances do not push up the price of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, according to research funded by University of California Berkeley’s Haas Blockchain Initiative.

Their report found stablecoins serve as tools for investors to react to market movements and not as drivers of price inflation or collapse. Their analysis of trading data shows flows are consistent with investors using stablecoins as a store of value during periods of risk or price depreciation.

We find no systematic evidence that stablecoin issuance affects cryptocurrency prices. Rather, our evidence supports alternative views; namely, that stablecoin issuance endogenously responds to deviations of the secondary market rate from the pegged rate, and stablecoins consistently perform a safe-haven role in the digital economy.”

ANSAcheck stamps legitimate articles with traceable, irrefutable proof an article is among the 3,000 ANSA distributes to its 24 shareholder publishers and 87 news partners every day. 

ANSAcheck registers vital details [and] makes this information available through a little green graphic emblazoned at the bottom of nearly every newly published piece on the site. Though ANSA deployed ANSAcheck during the zenith of medical misinformation, it had begun designing the system a year before in partnership with Ernst & Young (EY).

If we can start to engineer things in such a way that it’s easier to tell the truth than it is to send out something fake, that could be transformational.”

“A recent Bloomberg report states that Bitcoin (BTC) is preparing for a massive bull run. The report mentions a number of reasons that the Bitcoin market is maturing, and that it is due for a bull run.

Bitcoin and gold also stand to be primary beneficiaries of the unprecedented monetary stimulus that’s accompanied by a mean-reverting stock market.

This year will confirm Bitcoin’s transition from a risk-on speculative asset to the crypto market’s version of gold.”

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Good interview with MakerDAO founder Rune Christensen

ICC is an institutional representative of more than 45 million companies in 100 countries.

ICC says that the primary goal of founding the Carbon Council is to collaborate with both public and private companies to create a better system for funding global climate action. Their intended use of blockchain technology is to bring more liquidity, transparency, accessibility, and standardization in the carbon markets.

Carbon Council will complement the Carbon DAO for project funding we are launching, which will provide unprecedented access to best-in-class carbon projects worldwide.”

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“Its new “Cryptocurrency Exchange” plugin, released Wednesday, would allow anyone to add trading features to websites “in minutes” or even create their own branded cryptocurrency exchange.

Using the API from crypto swaps platform Totle, the plugin routes orders to decentralized trading platforms said to be listing the best prices. Totle’s API is described as providing developers a way to ‘integrate aggregated exchange functionality into a product for ether and popular ERC-20 tokens.‘”

“Blockchain banking solution Dharma has implemented a new feature called Social Payments, allowing users to send U.S. dollars to any Twitter handle. Payments can be made regardless of geographical location or whether the recipient has a Dharma account.

As per all deposits in Dharma accounts, the balance will be earning interest through Compound, even before it is claimed.”

“The “independent validation” of Gemini’s financial reporting operations gives credence to the system’s design and mitigates ‘the risk of significant error, omission, or data loss.’

Providing this level of transparency and building this level of trust is key to broader crypto market adoption.”

“There is an effort underway to roll out a blockchain voting app in time for November elections which uses blockchain technology to “make fraud detectable”.

Eustis has had conversations with some state-level officials and is optimistic about its adoption in time for the U.S Presidential elections in November. They are exploring several private blockchains for their application and the developer will be announced soon.”