3 April

Thesis will shortly debut TBTC, a trustless platform for making bitcoin-backed tBTC tokens on Ethereum. TBTC is an application built to allow trustless storage of the bitcoin backing tBTC tokens.

Decentralized financial applications on Ethereum have seen clear demand. Bitcoin is the world’s largest cryptocurrency. Building a bridge that allows Bitcoin to interact with DeFi makes a lot of sense.

I think the whole Bitcoin-Ethereum cultural split has outlived its usefulness.”

Augur’s v2 contracts will be deployed to the Ethereum network and go live during the first weeks of June.

When v2 is deployed, all current token balances must be migrated to a new REP token contract. We will soon be sharing details for exchanges and individuals to manage the migration process.”

“Brave tallied more than one million new users in March alone.”

To securely manage the flow and exchange of energy from renewable distributed sources within existing electric power systems, blockchain can serve as a critical piece of infrastructure.

It can connect and aggregate prosumer DERs, enterprise microgrids, and electric vehicles to the grid. Thus, the energy supply from renewables is managed optimally: it can be stored and redistributed when and where it is needed. This can stabilize grids, reduce peak demand, and make utilities future-ready without having to rebuild their infrastructure.”

“Brazil’s financial regulators launched an information-sharing blockchain platform called PIER.

PIER will unite Brazil’s entire financial oversight ecosystem in what CVM called “a vast integrated database” that accelerates the speed with which each can administer its slice of Brazil’s $1.9 trillion economy – Latin America’s largest by far.

Building PIER, using blockchain, allows the use of decentralized, tested technology whose native functionalities mean that there is no need to build the system from scratch.”

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““Priceless” contracts are designed with mechanisms to incentivize counterparties to properly collateralize their positions without requiring any on-chain price feed. Oracles are only used when a liquidation is disputed — which is designed to be rare.

Right now, on testnet, you can deploy your own token to track anything.

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“Ceramic is a new permissionless protocol for creating and accessing unstoppable documents that serve as the foundation for a connected, interoperable web.

Here’s what’s possible on Ceramic:

  • Portable self-sovereign identity
  • Shared data schemas and definitions
  • Interoperable user and application data storage
  • Open web services, without new accounts or logins

“One of the first companies to host a token sale, Factom, has notified creditors it has entered receivership. Factom started in 2014 as a trustless data-provenance layer on the Bitcoin blockchain.

In its near-six-year history, Factom raised more than $18 million from investors. FastForward director Ed McDermott admitted the company was not altogether certain how Factom ended in such dire financial straits.”

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