March 29

The task of re-liquefying the world will fall to the IMF because the IMF will have the only clean balance sheet left among official institutions. The IMF will rise to the occasion with a towering issuance of special drawing rights (SDRs), and this monetary operation will effectively end the dollar’s role as the leading reserve currency.

Since 2009, the IMF has proceeded in slow steps to create a platform for massive new issuances of SDRs and the creation of a deep liquid pool of SDR-denominated assets.

The international monetary elite has been awaiting the global liquidity crisis that we’re facing right now. In the not-too-distant future, there will be massive issuances of SDRs to return liquidity to the world. The result will be the end of the dollar as the leading global reserve currency. You’ll still have dollars, but its global dominance will end.”

“Aztec is building a high-speed privacy network on Ethereum. Aztec will soon allow you to send private payments at 100 tps on mainnet, with both balance privacy and user privacy baked in.

Aztec is pleased to confirm the team is working on ZK-ZK Rollup for PLONK proofs, to collapse the gas costs of private transactions on mainnet.”

RenVm is only a few weeks away from going live, and once it does, it will strengthen DeFi by adding different types of collateral and boosting liquidity. It will also open up a new investment option, as anyone will be able to run a node on the network and collect fees.

When the Bitcoin arrives on Ethereum, it arrives as an ERC20. Almost every Dapp or DeFi protocol supports ERC20s. They don’t typically have to do anything to support having Bitcoin on Ethereum because it is just an ERC20.

There’s no middlemen in that process whatsoever, which embodies this idea of the user being able to interact with any chain, with any application.”

“GridPlus Energy currently offers some of the lowest price 12 and 24 month fixed rate energy plans in the Oncor and Centerpoint regions of Texas, but redeeming GRID tokens can give you direct access to wholesale pricing.

When you are logged into your account you can deposit as much GRID as you like and have it automatically applied to your bill as your household consumes energy. You can also now pay your bill using GRID.”

Chico Crytpo: Corporate Bailouts