March 27

Our team found the specifications well thought out and comprehensive. It is clear that security was strongly considered by the Ethereum 2.0 team during the design phase.

In our report, we highlight two particular areas of further consideration due to increased potential vulnerability for attack, including the block proposer election system and the P2P networking layer, [along with proposals for mitigation].”

“The sudden interest in a digital dollar is music to the ears of those working on a new project administered by blockchain consortium Hyperledger. Dubbed eThaler, it uses the Ethereum blockchain to create a digital currency designed for governments, known as a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

Those working on the project include consulting firms Accenture and InfoSys and the Itau Bank in Brazil. In the weeks to come, the project structure is expected to be made open source, meaning that anyone will be able to build on it.

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“Demand for Paxos Gold (PAXG) and Tether Gold (XAUT), two of the most liquid gold-backed token projects, has surged this week. The uptick in demand comes as traditional gold suppliers face shortages and difficulties in bringing physical bullion to the market.

Purchases of new PAXG – which represent one ounce of London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) institutional-grade gold – have nearly doubled day-over-day since Monday.

On the other hand, demand for Tether’s offering led to the XAUT market cap hitting $50 million on Wednesday, yet supply-chain issues in sourcing the gold itself could hinder further issuance of the token.”

“The drop in so-called mining difficulty signals some miners have bowed out as a decline in the cryptocurrency’s price has made this activity less profitable.

The recent price plunge, coupled with record mining competition at the time, had made more than two dozen old bitcoin mining models unable to generate daily profits in the past two weeks.

That said, the drop could work in favor for those who have chosen to stay in the game as less competition means individual miners would gain a bigger cut in Bitcoin’s daily mining output.”

Coinbase Wallet will now allow users to earn interest on cryptocurrencies through the DeFi apps, Compound, and dYdX. With the integrations, Coinbase Wallet will support lending for Ethereum (ETH) in addition to a range of Ethereum-based tokens.

The new feature will roll out for iOS this week, with Android support slated to follow in the near future.”

The Maker Foundation has handed governance over the smart contract that underpins the MakerDAO (MKR) protocol to MKR token holders, describing the move as the project’s “most significant step” toward decentralized governance.

Today’s news is momentous. By completing its commitment to transfer the MKR token contract to MKR holders, the Maker Foundation continues to move toward a completely self-sustaining MakerDAO.

The foundation urged the Maker community to ‘remain deeply engaged and continue to vote smartly and often.'”

“The report found that 17% of traditional trading firms have already adopted crypto assets [and] that 45% of the firms that do not currently support crypto assets are planning on revisiting the idea within the next 6 months.

The study notes much higher rates of adoption from trading firms based in the Asia-Pacific regions — where adoption rates are 57%. In all markets surveyed, client demand for digital assets was found to far outstrip the willingness of trading firms to list cryptocurrencies.

“The sweeping charges against Maduro and 14 other Venezuelan officials are primarily targeted at stopping an alleged multibillion-dollar cocaine trafficking ring the DOJ claimed wreaked havoc on American communities for over 20 years.

The release does not name what cryptocurrency is involved. However, Venezuela notably maintains an oil-backed cryptocurrency called the petro.”