March 18

“Spec version v0.11.0 was released last week. This release represents a “post-audit” Phase 0 spec, ready for long-standing multi-client testnets. Clients are working hard to incorporate these changes while continuing forward with stability, optimizations, and multi-client experimentation. Today – Teku syncs Prysm, Prysm syncs Lighthouse, and most of the DiscoveryV5 implementations can find each other.

This week, we released Combining GHOST and Casper on arXiv. This work formalizes the core consensus components of eth2 – Casper FFG and LMD-GHOST – showing how they work together to form a safe and live system.

Vitalik recently published an exciting ethresearch post, Using polynomial commitments to replace state roots. This post proposes the utilization of polynomial commitments as a replacement to the traditional merkle-tree accumulator for blockchain state and data. If this research direction proves fruitful, we could reduce “witnesses” (i.e. proofs about the state required to process a block) from ~0.5MB to on the order of 1 to 10 kB, solving one of the core issues in the Stateless Ethereum research. Polynomial commitments could be the major breakthrough we’ve been looking for to make this statelessness a reality by significantly reducing the overhead of statelessness on block size.

We will soon release a deposit interface and deploy a deposit contract for the coming long-standing multi-client testnet.”

“Passed Tuesday, the Coinbase- and Circle-backed USDC is now available for use as collateral on the premiere DeFi platform following an executive governance vote.

Only $20 million USDC can be used on the system but with up to 20 percent interest rate earnings. Users will be able to deposit USDC as collateral (in addition to the system’s two other underlying assets, ether (ETH) and Basic Attention Token (BAT)) and receive dai in return. Almost $1 million in USDC-backed dai has been minted since the vote’s passage.

At the heart of the USDC addition is a pressing issue: dai’s dwindling supply. Without a larger supply of dai on the market, the stablecoin went for a premium last week which threatened to capsize the largest DeFi platform.”

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Coinbase Cards can now be added to users’ Google Pay wallets, enabling crypto-backed payments from Google Pay-enabled devices, such as phones or smartwatches.

The new Google Pay feature will be available to users based in some European countries including the U.K. and Ireland, as well as Spain, France, Italy and Sweden.”

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“Institutional digital asset security platform Fireblocks has announced an integration with decentralized finance (DeFi) lending platform Compound. The partnership will allow institutions like market makers, hedge funds and exchanges to put assets on Compound and generate passive income.

The most interesting part is that […] you actually don’t have the counterparty risk that you’re exposed to if you’re using other services that are not decentralized — so arguably you have less risk using Compound than putting your money in JP Morgan or Bank Lehman Brothers.”

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“According to Draper, Bitcoin will be one of the most crucial tools in the recovery.

When the world comes back, it will be Bitcoin, not banks and governments that save the day.

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“The article, originally published in Renwu media, got banned from the local messaging platform WeChat, making it impossible for users to share it.

The censored content quoted Dr. Ai’s words, stating that she was the subject of an “unprecedented and severe reprimand” by the authorities, after having warned other doctors in December about tests performed on a patient who had a coronavirus diagnosis.”

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss of the Gemini crypto exchange, now also have a regulated, fiat marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs).  

Nifty Gateway founders launched the Nifty marketplace on Tuesday, leveraging Gemini infrastructure on the backend for a dollar-exchange platform. People can buy NFTs with credit cards and cash out directly to their bank accounts when they sell.

To start, the collectibles exchange is working with mixed martial arts fighter Cris Cyborg and photographer Lyle Owerko.”

“Major European financial institutions are jointly launching a blockchain-based platform for the investment fund industry. The FundsDLT platform is based on Ethereum’s (ETH) blockchain and allows asset managers, distributors, asset servicers, and the supply chain to reduce cost.

FundsDLT is a platform for the investment fund industry using distributed ledger technology (DLT), with the aim to streamline fund distribution.”