February 29

“Internal documents obtained by BuzzFeed revealed New York-based Clearview AI – a startup facing legal threats from Apple and Google as well as calls for greater scrutiny into its practices – had already shared or sold its technology to roughly 2,200 companies and authorities around the world.

Clearview’s software trawls websites and social media platforms to scrape data and match images posted online to persons of interest.

Coinbase was among the organizations that had used the software for at least one search. It hasn’t yet committed to using the product, they said.”

“As part of a defamation case in front of the New South Wales, or NSW district court, Judge Judith Gibson allowed cryptocurrency usage as collateral.

This is a recognized form of investment.”

“Through interviews conducted with multiple teams at ETHDenver earlier this month, it became apparent that this isn’t 2016’s DAO.

From coordinating the hackathon’s winners to purchasing meals at Capitol Hill food trucks in Denver’s historic Capitol Hill neighborhood, DAOs ran ETHDenver. Even the winning hackathon team was a DAO: Coz, a project aimed at being more efficient at distributing aid than non-profits.

If ETHDenver 2019’s focus on DeFi was an early indicator of that sector’s growth, DAOs could be much more prominent in 12 months’ time.

Hours after experiencing a major denial of service attacks (DDoS) attack, Bitfinex has announced it repaid another part of the loan facility to Tether.

The new $100 million repayment marks yet another move in the long-term controversial relationship of Bitfinex and Tether as both companies are facing class lawsuits accusing them of crypto market manipulation.”

“Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) recently disclosed “Cryptocurrency Intelligence Program” (CIP) is deployed in every crypto-facing Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) case.

The budget proposal described CIP as an unlicensed money services business identifier that crawls across illicit crypto-broker hotspots – peer-to-peer sites, darknet markets, classifieds – to gather intelligence. 

The BCSC established the CIP to adapt to changing methodologies and technology to target money laundering related to all types of criminal activity.”

“In an industry defined by the ideals of decentralization, companies like Binance and Kraken say they have been implementing this playbook for years: most of their employees already work remotely.

And while firms around the world scramble to develop protocols for what is increasingly likely to become a pandemic, and as capital markets plummet on global investors’ fears that the worst of the coronavirus outbreak is yet to come, these exchanges say they are going about business as usual.

They don’t need to shut their headquarters; they don’t have headquarters

“Chief Technology Officer David Schwartz said Ripple is working on “exciting” new features to broaden the ledger’s functionality and allow third-party users to introduce other cryptocurrencies into the XRP ecosystem.

Stablecoins is the obvious use case, but it’s not just stablecoins it’s essentially assets pegged to some external value.

Schwartz said asset-backed tokens on XRP would have “guaranteed” liquidity because of the ledger’s mechanics.”

The company unveiled a new type of a blockchain-based voting machine using Polys, the system released back in November 2017 designed to be an effective and secure way to vote online.

Elections running with this system would work like distributed ledger technology; the vote would be encrypted, while the link between the voter who cast it would be verified. Voters would then be able to confirm their vote had been recorded on the blockchain.

E-voting can solve some of these issues, allowing more possibilities for remote participation and even increasing turnout of younger people.”

Bernie has seen his price drop 21% to 51c/share, while Biden’s ascended 123% to 29c/share.

One of two things is probably going to happen in the Palmetto State: Joe Biden will win and get the juice to pick up a handful of Southern states on Super Tuesday. If Biden can win South Carolina…then lots of markets are going to pump in his favor.”