February 24

“Thousands of developers flocked to Denver, Colorado this weekend to participate in ETHDenver, one of the largest Ethereum hackathon and conferences in the U.S. Here’s an overview of several DeFi projects:

  • DeFiatInstant fiat to ERC-20 exchanges in a single transaction
  • 1x.agLeverage aggregator with automated trading strategies
  • ohmydefi – Decentralized options market
  • UpSideDai – Speculate on the price of Dai with 20x leverage
  • MakerDAO BTC Vaulta project that plans to use renBTC, a bitcoin-backed Ethereum, as collateral for MakerDAO’s Dai stablecoin
  • ShopiFi – DeFi E-commerce plugin

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Cool concept!

“What if we could unify existing USD stablecoins into one asset per peg that is more usable, stable and secure than the sum of its parts, based on a sustainable and decentralised protocol?

To mint an mStable asset you send any of the underlying assets to the smart contract of that asset. For the USD asset, the underlying stablecoins could be USDC, TUSD, USDT, USDC, GUSD, DAI, and so on.

For example, if you send 100 DAI to the mUSD contract, you will receive 100 redeemable mUSD back. Minting costs you nothing. The process is the same for mGLD, mEUR, mBTC and so on.

Your mUSD is, in theory, more secure than your DAI as it’s backed by several other stablecoins.

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“When it comes to crypto games, Japan leads the pack with an estimated net worth of over $40 billion. In addition, expert blockchain researchers have predicted that with increasing smartphone penetration around the globe, the crypto gaming industry could take off even further in 2020 and beyond.

Here is a list of some popular blockchain-based games to watch out for in 2020.”

Good interview with Erik Voorhees

“While still in its infancy, the growth of crypto lending platforms has given birth to a new type of measuring metric: interest rates, which has the potential to draw in new investors while encouraging the movement of crypto capital out of storage and into markets.

Interest rates present a wide audience of investors unfamiliar with crypto with a compelling and straightforward metric to evaluate the digital asset class.”

“One of the latest episodes of “The Simpsons” featured Jim Parsons of Big Bang Theory appearing as a guest star to explain cryptocurrencies and how a blockchain works.

The song and dance predicts cryptocurrency to be the future money. ‘Each day I’m closer, to being the cash of the future. Not in your wallet, I’m in your computer!‘”

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DeFi 101: 1-click Tx’s with DeFi Aggregator

“Per the paper, the groundwork for mainstream adoption of blockchain, fast payments and digital currencies is already in place. According to JP Morgan, the adoption of blockchain in banking is three to five years away.

The report also notes that the cryptocurrency market is showing signs of maturity such as increasing institutional participation and the introduction of new contracts on regulated exchanges.”