February 3

The Bull Stirs

“Aztec has today launched data privacy — transaction amounts are cryptographically hidden. You can incorporate zkDai into your dApp today. Over the coming six weeks we’ll release other zk Tokens onto the network.

Public blockchains give us unprecedented immediacy of access to our financial assets, and now Aztec has built the critical defence for users of open Web3.0 networks.”

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Eth2: Staking on Rocketpool

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“From Clifford’s perspective, the technology risks are manageable; Samani said at this point the returns don’t justify the risk of losing investor funds to a “smart contract” glitch, for any allocation of assets to DeFi. 

He mentioned bug bounties, security audits and formal verification as ways DeFi networks can de-risk themselves as platforms for earning fixed-income returns on crypto. ‘What you’re really looking for is smart contracts that have had a lot of value custodied within them. The more time that’s elapsed, the safer it tends to be.’

I think for the most part staking rates, at least within each ecosystem, will be considered the risk-free rate. In general my expectation is that lending and borrowing rates will be higher than staking rates.”

Corporates – whether they be oil companies or bitcoin miners – usually do not trade directly on exchanges. Futures exchanges are difficult to connect to, as entities must trade through an FCM (Futures Clearing Merchant). The emergence of liquidity in the listed options market will be the foundation for these types of hedges.

The existence of listed vanilla options on mainstream exchanges is only the beginning. This is the base on which a whole host of other volatility-related products can be built, particularly as it relates to corporate hedging and risk management. Ultimately, this helps reduce unwanted exposures and enables more investment. In this way, listed options serve as the starting point for a whole new array of products and services.

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“The new data storage blockchain platform will help secure an unchangeable, decentralized and encrypted database with high-security protection to verify data validity and reliability. The platform will also contain AI functionalities.

The AI-based projects will play a key role in enhancing the capabilities of health care services and providing smart medical solutions.”