January 15

“According to a court filing, a third party has ‘provided the necessary information and key slice to unlock the encrypted file,’ seemingly referencing the “mysterious,” unnamed intermediary with the private keys necessary to unlock the $9.6 billion bitcoin trove. 

In another filing Tuesday night, attorneys for Ira Kleiman wrote that Wright only provided a list of 16,404 addresses but no information about the courier.

Plaintiffs are having their experts review and analyze the list. Plaintiffs expect that they will be ready to depose Craig after this discovery occurs, in early March.”

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“DeFi Pulse showed the DeFi market as having roughly $706 million in ETH locked into its applications on Monday. As of this writing, that value has risen to $782 million. It’s very likely that money is moving into DeFi because traders are looking for liquidity in order to play the market.

Compound, which provides an easy way for ETH holders to borrow, saw a surge in usage Tuesday with collateral rising about 10 percent. MakerDAO has also seen a large jump, nearing $50 million, likely because traders are locking up ETH to create DAI they can trade with.

Ether is the primary form of collateral used to do other stuff.The first step in that process is to turn to DeFi applications to provide liquidity, for example, by borrowing against an asset whose value is rising. 

Commerce moved online slowly, then all at once; finance will move on-chain slowly – then all at once.”

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“The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has published its first warning against initial exchange offerings (IEOs).

According to the notice, the regulator considers IEOs to be similar to initial coin offerings (ICOs), many of which the agency has been investigating as unregistered securities offerings for the past several years.

There is no such thing as an SEC-approved IEO.”

For the first time, investors can trade gold-backed futures contracts on a leading crypto derivatives exchange. By offering more sophisticated trading vehicles for digital assets, FTX hopes to pave the way for eventual options and leverage trading for PAX Gold. 

PAX Gold futures on FTX shows how the market is maturing and that it is ready for more complex financial instruments.”

“Golberg linked a surprising number of those Saudi accounts to the XRP Army, a swarm of over 40,000 Twitter accounts devoted to spreading the gospel of XRP. Twitter said it had traced ‘the source of the [Saudi] coordinated activity to Smaat, a social media marketing and management company based in Saudi Arabia.

‘It’s not to say that there’s somebody in Saudi Arabia that’s behind the XRP army,‘ he said. But then again, Golberg said he has absolutely no idea who’s pulling the strings.

“CFTC Chairman Heath Tarbert has reiterated the regulator’s stance on both Bitcoin and Ether. At the same time, the chairman has apparently for the first time expressed his thoughts about XRP. According to Tarbert, the regulatory status of XRP is still unclear.

[Additionally], according to Tarbert, the CFTC is gradually helping to legitimize the market as well as add liquidity to the digital currency market by providing it with the features of the futures market like price discovery, hedging, risk management and others.”

“The firm’s products reportedly allow for convenient sharing of financial information with thousands of apps and services by allowing users to link various accounts. 

75% of the world’s internet-enabled consumers used a fintech application for moving funds. As such, it has ‘become increasingly important to facilitate consumers’ ability to use fintech applications.’

Plaid’s acquisition transitions Visa from connecting buyers and sellers to connecting consumers with fintech services.”