December 24

“Changchun Mu, said China’s cryptocurrency will not need a currency basket to maintain a stable value.

The bank would soon be at the point where it could start gradually issuing the digital yuan to Chinese citizens through its commercial partners, which include Tencent and Alibaba-backed Ant Financial, Mu added.

At present, the digital currency DCEP of the People’s Bank of China has basically completed the top-level design, standard formulation, functional research and development, joint debugging and testing.”

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“Tencent, the operator of Chinese social media app WeChat, is planning to create a digital currency research group for the further advancement of blockchain technology research projects.

The yet-to-be-established digital currency research group will reportedly focus on Tencent’s further advancement in the digital payment industry by utilizing blockchain technology.”

“Brave, the crypto-friendly browser courageously battling against both advertisements and colossal competition from Google, has hit a milestone of 350,000 registered Brave rewards publishers. This latest milestone indicates an impressive 820% jump in less than a year.

Within their website publishers, the firm cites some notable names, including Wikipedia, Wikihow,  The Guardian, and even the Washington Post.”

“EOSIO, the firm behind the EOS blockchain and token, proposed a major change to the network’s resource allocation system that would require users to rent network resources. According to EOSIO, the network suffers from a poorly designed resource allocation system that allows most of the network’s resources to go unused.

Under the new proposed system, a user will pay a resource rental fee via a smart contract to be granted 30 days worth of CPU/NET from the total supply. After 30 days the rental must be renewed.

The transition to the proposed system would be gradual, with resources being progressively shifted from the old REX implementation to the rental system over time.”

Former PayPal and Google veteran Mike Blandina has been appointed as the new CEO of major cryptocurrency trading platform Bakkt. He joined Bakkt as chief product officer in April 2019.

Alongside the new CEO, Bakkt has also appointed Adam White, a former executive at major U.S. crypto exchange Coinbase, as new president of the company. White has been serving at Bakkt as chief operating officer since joining the company in November 2018.”

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