December 23

Good read.

“Renewable energy sources, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, blockchain’s immutable ledger and improvements in battery technology are combining to create a whole new form of energy infrastructure—one in which the grid is decentralized and users become producers as well as consumers. The building block of this new infrastructure is the microgrid.

Able to operate completely independently, owners can also sell excess energy back to the wider grid’s operator. Beyond the benefit of reducing monthly bills, microgrids can also bring peace of mind.

Accuracy and transparency are both vitally important when it comes to tracking energy usage and billing for it. Power consumption data is timestamped and logged on the blockchain, where it can’t be altered or deleted and is verified without the need for third parties.

These projects may accelerate the decentralization of energy and at the same time assist with the resilience of our energy networks.”

“No matter how bullish you are you shouldn’t keep all your wealth in crypto money. But this doesn’t mean you have to use a legacy brokerage to buy these assets.  You can own gold on the blockchain today. I’ve evaluated a few tokenized gold options for us.”

Bank Bailouts Cross $450 Billion

“Moloch DAO, OpenLaw, and MetaCartel have been working on extensions to the initial Moloch DAO code in order to power next-generation LAOs — limited liability autonomous organizations — which would enable DAOs to engage in a greater range of for-profit ventures.

These extensions, along with the original Moloch DAO code, are poised to become ERC-like standards for building DAO-based organizations.”