December 21

“German stock exchange owner Boerse Stuttgart Group and Japanese financial giant SBI Group are teaming up on a joint initiative to expand their digital assets businesses internationally.

Besides the exchange of knowledge and technology, possible fields of collaboration include the cross issuance and listing of digital assets, trading and brokerage as well as the creation of the first global custody bridge.”

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“The Crypto-Currency Act of 2020 sets out which Federal agencies should regulate each type of crypto assets.

One of the key things that the draft bill does is define three types of crypto asset; crypto commodities, crypto currencies, and crypto securities. Each type of crypto-asset would fall under the jurisdiction of a different regulatory body.”

“Money streaming means moving funds from user A to user B in real time. Imagine your employer paying you $0.01 every second. Imagine charging subscribers for your software product by the minute. 

Sablier is a project that makes money streaming possible on Ethereum using magical internet money like Dai. No bank required.”

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“As a semi-trusted peacekeeper, Watchtowers store local information from subscribing nodes. ‘A Watchtower is basically outsourcing the penalizing of your counterparty to somebody.’

Watchtowers are expensive to maintain as they store lots of local data, Decker said. Who will operate them remains to be seen, particularly as the lightning fee market remains immature.”

“In contrast to the new highs in impeachment markets, conviction markets are still indicating quite the long shot for the removal of the president. In fact, impeachment and the surrounding drama have seemed to have spurred the support of Trump for re-election.  Shares in his re-election has been steadily rising amidst this process.”

Decentralizing all the things! 😂

Projects and proposals can be made using Aragon, the governance project. Its smart contracts use OpenZeppelin. The tokens are being sold using a custom integration with Uniswap. For the Saint Fame gig, Vernon was compensated by way of his own custom ERC-20 token, BOI, which represents one hour of his time. 

Fashion and aesthetics have a special place in the ethereum world. ‘We are excited to enable a new paradigm of collective creation on the internet.'”

“CipherTrace, a leader in blockchain security, has announced that it will join forces with ATII to use crypto analytics to advance the organization’s goal of combatting global human trafficking.

ATII has access to our console to conduct investigations for cryptocurrency’s use in human trafficking. Additionally, I’ve conducted training with ATII to help them detect the interconnection between human trafficking and cryptocurrency, with the goal of understanding that we can follow the money for investigations.”

“Vinnik’s extradition has been sought by the governments of the U.S., Russia and France. Vinnik himself had said he wanted to see trial in Russia. France has been seeking Vinnik’s extradition over alleged cybercrime, money laundering, membership in a criminal organization and extortion.

The U.S. Department of Justice levied a $110 million fine against BTC-e and a $12 million penalty against Vinnik in July 2017.”

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