December 17

“BCBS expresses the idea that — if authorized — banks that decide to acquire crypto assets or provide related services should use prudence, especially for high-risk tokens.

The Basel Committee recommends that crypto assets should not be accepted as credit risk mitigation collateral, high-quality liquid assets for liquidity coverage ratio or net stable funding ratio.

This treatment reflects the high degree of uncertainty about the positive realisable value of crypto-assets in times of stress.

“Online crypto gaming platform ChopCoin and mining pool Simplecoin both announced that they are shutting down. Both firms cite the EU’s upcoming Anti-Money Laundering Directive that would require the firms to adopt Know Your Client (KYC) measures.

The new regulations were passed on July 9 and member states are required to adopt them by Jan. 10, 2020. 

Mining should be available to anyone and we refuse to jeopardise our users’ privacy.”

“Sheinfeld’s eight-man team is looking to help launch a point-of-sale app by the trading firm Iterative Capital, called Escher, in early 2020. Some retailers are already testing the beta version. They will start a pilot this month in Israel.

We can do a round-trip process with bitcoin – buy, sell, settle – in four seconds.”

“The move makes one of the few recognized trading platforms to forge ties with HEX, which together with founder Richard Heart continues to field widespread accusations of fraud.

Not only will Richard control close to half of all HEX after the first year, but it is the first token I have seen to have its founder’s perpetual self-enrichment baked into the protocol.

While little overall trading data is available,’s HEX markets have traded the equivalent of 0.81 BTC ($5,700) in the past 24 hours. In that period, the platform’s two HEX trading pairs, HEX/BCH and HEX/ETH, have dropped in price by 64% and 57% respectively.”

“The trial tested working capital applications developed by TradeIX and focused on the receivables finance product on Marco Polo’s platform. Accounts receivables financing, also called factoring, is where a business sells account receivables to a third party at a discount in return for immediate cash payment.”

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“If there’s one thing we know about blockchain, we know that it excels at verifying and confirming what is real.

The general idea goes like this: images, videos, and audio can be cryptographically signed, geotagged, and timestamped to establish their origins. This kind of “verified capture” calls for applications to perform a number of checks, ensuring that transmitted data conforms with the source material. Comparing that source hash to another in search of any mismatches will easily tell you if the media has been manipulated or not.

“Those groups would be airdropped 0.5 petro (said to be worth $30) as a holiday bonus this week. Considering the national minimum wage is less than $10 a month, eligible citizens will be strongly incentivized to register for the app. 

PetroApp can also be used to exchange other cryptocurrencies, too, meaning users may well use the app to swap their airdropped petro for the currently supported bitcoin, litecoin and dash.”