December 9

“The People’s Bank of China is said to be preparing to launch pilots for its digital currency in at least two major cities. The tests are likely to include the participation of state-owned partners.

The first of two pilot phases will be smaller scale and start at the end of 2019. The second, later in 2020, will be a larger-scale effort in Shenzhen, according to the report. If all goes well, a full launch of DCEP is expected soon after the pilots.”

Ethereum has successfully completed the Istanbul hard fork. The lowered gas costs enabled by Istanbul’s EIPs are meant to increase bandwidth on the blockchain and foster zero-knowledge privacy technologies such as zk-SNARKs.”

“One of the most interesting recent developments in cryptocurrency is the emergence of decentralized liquidity pools. Any financial system is, in a sense, only as decentralized as the sources of its liquidity.

Therefore the health of DeFi is largely identical to the health of decentralized liquidity venues. We are excited to see so many great teams attacking this key problem and striving to unlock a new phase of maturity and innovation in the space.”

An Internet of Blockchains