December 10

“Bakkt is using its physically settled bitcoin contracts as a benchmark to support the new products.

By starting with the physically delivered Bakkt Bitcoin (USD) Monthly Futures, we have a benchmark contract which provides the foundation for us to develop complementary products based on the needs of our customers.

Bakkt’s options contract comes just a month before CME, which already offers cash-settled bitcoin futures in the U.S., launches its own similar product. However, while Bakkt’s pricing will be based around its existing physical product, CME’s is dependent on its bitcoin index.

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“The company said in a notice that it would shut down trading services on Dec. 15, 2019. Customers have until Jan. 31, 2020 to withdraw all of their assets.

The company said Monday the move is specifically ‘so that it can return in a more integrated and impactful fashion as part of its ongoing strategic layout,‘ though no further details were provided.”

Full nodes can take hours to download, but they’re the most secure way of using bitcoin as the user doesn’t have to trust anyone to ensure they have the correct transaction data. They use a fork of the project ABCore, which makes it easier to run a full node on Android devices.

For day-to-day, it is definitely more convenient and practical to use the wallet without the full node. However it is important to have the full node available in case the network were attacked in a similar fashion to Segwit2x with miners producing invalid blocks.”

“Further, the bull cross happened three months ahead of the reward halving (supply cut by miners), which took place in August 2016. By June 20, bitcoin had rallied by more than 120 percent to highs above $775.

The latest bull cross (above right) comes five months ahead of the next reward halving, due in May 2020.

BTSE Exchange Plans $50M Token Raise on Blockstream’s Liquid

“BTSE, a Dubai-based cryptocurrency exchange, is looking to raise $50 million in one of the first token offerings on the Liquid Network, the parallel system to bitcoin created by startup Blockstream.

The minimum investment size is $150,000 USD.

With sidechains like Liquid and RSK, an asset can be locked up on the main bitcoin chain and then traded on the parallel network, and vice versa. The idea was in vogue mid-decade until the emergence of ethereum, which was designed specifically for such use cases, and became the go-to launching pad for initial coin offerings, security tokens, non-fungible collectibles and the like.”