December 5

EY’s Nightfall now offers private transactions for just $0.24 per transaction.

At $0.24 per transaction, we can scale and enable nearly every major business to business process.

Nightfall has been released free of charge into the public domain—there are no licensing fees or other fees associated with using the technology. By doing this, EY hopes to ensure better uptake of Nightfall, with the hopes of enabling businesses to transfer ether (ETH) and Ethereum-based tokens privately on the blockchain.”

The latest ethereum hard fork, Istanbul, is bringing Layer 2 solutions to the network – this time in the form of a payment channel.

Matter Labs released Thursday the testnet of ZK-Sync, in what the firm claims is a step toward making blockchains compete with centralized systems for handling millions of transactions a day.

Other Layer 2 ethereum solutions have stalled at the same point, facing costs too high to justify using the system. As Gluchowski said, Istanbul proved to be the answer for Matter Labs and other Layer 2 payment systems.”

“Azure Heroes rewards Azure community members for positive actions, such as coaching, making demos, providing sample code, making posts about Azure or completing challenges​.

Issuance and transactions of the badger collectibles will be carried out on the ethereum blockchain, allowing winners to hold them as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Microsoft and Enjin have collaborated in a local pilot to create a blockchain based recognition programme. The Azure Heroes badgers were created in a number of original and unique designs which have been tokenised into a digital asset on the Ethereum public blockchain.”

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“The Council and the Commission state that no global “stablecoin” arrangement should begin operation in the European Union until the legal, regulatory and oversight challenges and risks have been adequately identified and addressed.

All options should be on the table, including any measures to prevent the creation of unmanageable risks by certain global ‘stablecoins.'”

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Etherscan launches Eth2 Beacon Chain explorer.

“Under the hood, Ramp Instant is non-custodial and peer-to-peer. Every transaction is matched with a peer in the background, so your payment goes directly to your counter-party’s bank account, not to Ramp. Connecting banking databases with blockchains was impossible until very recently. 

Ramp Instant is currently only available with UK bank accounts and several other banks across the EU, but we’re planning a full EU launch by the end of 2019.”

IDEX, the top decentralized exchange (DEX) for ERC-20 tokens in 2019, is launching a new DEX on top of Rollup technology, a Layer 2 scalability protocol only made possible through Ethereum’s latest “Istanbul” hard fork.

By reducing gas fees, Rollup-based smart contracts, which bundle on-chain transactions off-chain, have become an expedient scalability tool.

The design for off-chain exchange functionality with on-chain custody and settlement is much more efficient, much more cost-effective.”

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“Starting Thursday, users can buy or sell using their balances.

There will be no trading fees, as the service will have a different profit model: the money will be coming from selling data on the users’ trades to big institutional crypto firms that, in turn, will act as market makers at BlockFi, providing liquidity.

BlockFi is planning to open fiat-to-crypto trading. The fiat gateway is expected to go live sometime during the first quarter of 2020.”

It’s the highest hourly USD transaction volume in Bitcoin’s history.

Glassnode claims that the spike was caused by cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex moving a large amount of Bitcoin multiple times. The transactions took place ahead of the exchange’s maintenance scheduled for today.”

“We review every crypto wallet so you don’t have to.”

The DAO that will be proposed to ANT holders to proclaim as the official Aragon Network DAO is now live. With the release of the Aragon client with support for Proposal Agreements, ANT holders will take over control over the Aragon Network, making it a truly sovereign DAO.

Also, ANJ, the native token of Aragon Court, was deployed. ANJ is a staking token that Aragon Court jurors need to be selected to resolve disputes. At the moment, ANJ is controlled by the Aragon Network DAO.”