November 30

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We analyzed the returns of lending DAI on Compound, supplying liquidity to Uniswap’s DAI-ETH pool, or investing in TokenSets’ ETH 20-Day and 50-Day Moving Average Crossover Strategies from the 3rd of December, 2018 until the 31st of October, 2019.

Compound earned a 7.1% return.  The Uniswap DAI-ETH pool earned a 18.15% return. The 20-Day MACO strategy outperforms the ETH buy-and-hold strategy by generating a 78.7% return, but the 50-Day strategy significantly underperforms with a 22.5% return. An Ethereum buy-and-hold strategy realized a 69.3% return and Bitcoin realized 131.4%.

Another interesting development in DeFi is the tokenization of investment positions. This means that the Compound deposit can be transferred and deposited into other smart contracts, like Uniswap (a cDAI-ETH pool exists). cDAI-ETH liquidity providers therefore earn both Compound’s DAI interest rate and the trading fees from the pool.

“Today, we are proud to announce the Origin e-commerce store, a decentralized, open source alternative to Shopify, hosted entirely on IPFS with an ENS domain.

Shopify charges $79/month for their standard plan. Origin’s e-commerce store is free to run, and transaction fees are limited to crypto gas costs. Shopify prohibits certain products from sale. With Origin Store, there are no restrictions on what you can sell, now or ever. Customer and order details are encrypted with PGP before being uploaded to IPFS.”

“Currently, there are three candidates within .08 of the leader Biden (.25/share); Buttigieg (.20), Warren (.19), and Bernie Sanders (.17); with recently confirmed candidate Mike Bloomberg bringing up fifth at .12/share.”

“The study points out that the increased adoption of blockchain and IoT in the supply chain industry will add significant value to the food business’s supply chain. By stacking these innovative technologies, the food industry could stack up to $31 billion in food fraud savings in just five years.

The most-adopted blockchain tracking solution within the field is IBM’s Food Trust, which is based on the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain protocol.”