November 26

“Former head of the People’s Bank of China Xiaochuan Zhou said the country will stress the retail use of digital payments for the digital yuan.

There are two goals for international digital currencies. The first one, which is also what China envisions is to develop digital payment and its use for retail system in the country, while the other goal is to cross-border payment for international financial institutions.”

“Three national units of the Red Cross — the largest humanitarian donor after the United Nations — are backing a blockchain-based currency scheme to enhance aid delivery and boost local economies, with a target set to onboard 320,000 users within two years.

Red Cross societies of Norway, Denmark and Kenya have launched a two-year plan to replace cash and voucher provision in aid and development efforts with blockchain-backed “local currencies.”

The new blockchain scheme, which has already been tested in parts of Kenya and Ethiopia, has been found to improve trade in poor communities by allowing local users to earn credits created from work, sales or aid infusions and spend them via a mobile phone app.”

“South Korea’s National Assembly is progressing a bill that will provide a legal basis for cryptocurrencies in the country. The bill categorizes virtual currencies as digital assets and intends to bring regulatory clarity and transparency to crypto markets.

Under the bill, all crypto-related businesses in South Korea would be required to register.”

“Signed by District Judge P. Kevin Castel at the New York Southern District Court on Monday, Durov’s deposition should take place on Jan. 7 or 8, 2020. That would be a little more than a month before Telegram is scheduled to meet the SEC in court to dispute the legal status of the gram token.”

“Ripple, in its final payment, bought $20 million of MoneyGram equity at a price of $4.10 per share, more than a dollar per share over the stock’s current price of around $3.00. With the completion of the deal, Ripple owns just under 10 percent of MoneyGram’s outstanding common stock.

Since June, MoneyGram has begun using XRP to conduct transactions in Europe, Australia and the Philippines.”