November 24

“My ideal: card holds stablecoin like DAI or cDAI in smart-contract (no custody), earns interest while it sits, converts to USD when used as a Debit card, safe to leave 1-3 month amount in card account, no unnecessary token.

My ideal card isn’t available today of course, though some might be getting close. And I’m hopeful I won’t have to wait long—there are many cards coming to market in the coming months.

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Good interview with AA

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“Eight new testimonies from diplomats with knowledge of the call to Ukrainian President Zelensky were made to members of Congress this week. No single soundbite or testimony had a remarkable impact on the odds. As is, the markets predict that the House of Representatives will indeed move forward with articles of impeachment; however, the odds of Trump being convicted in the GOP-controlled Senate and removed from office are even lower (0.15/share).

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren just cannot catch a break, seeing her odds of securing the nomination (currently .25/share) reach their lowest point since August.

Cryptonetworks, a form of digital cooperatives, are redefining the way we collaborate in the modern economy, enabling all stakeholders to voice their opinions, vote and strengthen participation – thus, creating an urgent need for a new generation of coordination tools and applications.

Built on the Aragon technology framework, we offer an end-to-end suite of tools for management of open organizations, including bounties, work prioritization, dividends, budgeting, and multi-recipient financial allocations. With these tools, the possibilities for how to reward and incentivize a network of contributors has been expanded.”

“This year we’ve seen the release of Argent Wallet: an Ethereum non-custodial smart contract wallet with built-in recovery tools and improved accessibility features.

Argent introduces Guardians where wallet owners can assign trusted devices or individuals to recover their funds without the need for a private key or seed phrase; allows you to set daily limits and withdrawals on your account; and users no longer have to worry about having ETH in their wallets in order to transact their favorite ERC-20 tokens, like Dai.”

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New Supply Chain Project from ConsenSys

“While we are explicitly targeting these tools at businesses and organizations, they are all about enabling people-centric data in the real world. We believe this will allow people to take control of their data together with the organizations they interact with daily.

uPort Serto allows multiple ecosystems to reference each other and finally makes it easy to connect data and rules from many different sources.”

“The CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Binance has vowed to sue industry media outlet The Block over alleged false reporting. Specifically, CZ took The Block to task over its claims Binance encountered a police raid, and that it even had a Shanghai office at all.”