November 3

“We believe by allowing users to manage their own credentials, they can get verified once and then they are able to reuse that verification across multiple financial service providers. 

We are partnering with the PwC UK team to test how users can reuse their credentials to sign up for multiple financial services within an ‘open banking’ financial ecosystem.  Through the pilot we’re ultimately learning how to return control of data back to the individual.”

Craig Wright has attested that he cannot finance his court settlement negotiated with the Kleiman estate.

Oct. 30, Wright pulled out of the settlement agreement in which he would forfeit half his intellectual property and bitcoin mined prior to 2014. With the agreement broken, trial motions are now back on.”

“The guidelines set out HMRC’s view on cryptocurrency transactions, which taxes apply, how to file tax returns and accounting practices, among others. The tax authority explicitly stated that it does not consider any of the current types of cryptocurrencies to be money or currency.

HMRC had previously considered cryptocurrency trading to be the same as gambling. However, the latest tax guidance update states that the agency does not consider the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies as such.”

“Bitfinex moved 1 .561 million Tether (USDT) from the Omni Protocol to the Liquid Bitcoin (BTC) sidechain.

Liquid sidechain has now more liquidity for atomic swaps and cross-exchange arbitrage.”

Banksters talk Blockchain