November 2

“We believe the killer app for any blockchain is Stablecoin Payments. If a blockchain can master this, it can add tremendous value to the global economy with far reaching implications. The Fuel sidechain is designed exclusively handle large volumes of payments on Ethereum. Additionally Fuel can be used, with centralized order book matching, to perform trustless and non-custodial native atomic exchanges.

Post-Istanbul we believe we can push the limit to around 200 TPS. With some trivial upgrades to layer-1 we can push this number to the high 2000s. Furthermore, with the single integration of erasure code data availability proofs to Ethereum Ethereum’s TPS can be scaled quadratically, to on the order of 10s of thousands to millions of TPS.”

“We’re proud to announce the launch of Maple — the world’s first crypto bond platform. It enables users of DeFi lending platforms to issue crypto bonds. As DeFi lending expands, users will be able to create banks which issue bonds to raise money for lending to customers. 

Maple replaces lending collateralised by cash with lending collateralised by assets.  Maple gives Investors different risk grade options. Until now you had one collateralisation level (150%).”

“I use the term crypto banks for centralized exchanges. Money protocols—these are Maker, Uniswap, Set, Compound, Synthetix. They provide similar services as the crypto banks, but they’re built as permissionless and programmable protocols.

If you zoom out, the battle isn’t really between money protocols and crypto banks. These will grow together, even while they compete, they’ll help each other. No, it’s open finance vs traditional finance. Crypto vs fiat. A system fully reliant on banks vs a system that’s more reliant on protocols.

“Wallets are critical infrastructure for cryptocurrencies. Wallets are also the gateway to Web3 just like how web browsers are the gateway to the Web2 Internet. A lot of research and work is being done right now to design better wallet UX.

In this piece I give an overview of the crypto wallet ecosystem and highlight some of the recent improvements in wallet UI/UX, including wallet SDKs, smart contract wallets, and meta transactions.”

“Ethereum development firm CasperLabs announced “Highway,” allegedly the first correct-by-construction Casper Proof of Stake (PoS) implementation that is provably live and safe. A protocol is safe if it is consistent in its decision and live if it guarantees a decision. 

By releasing CasperLabs Highway to the public via an open source license, we hope to inspire further innovation for the benefit of all.”

“He explained that KYC helps law enforcement to track illegal transactions but also exposes the public to hacking, phishing and identity theft.

“It’s about time we reconsider if the trade-off is worth it.”

“Elizabeth Warren, the current favorite for the 2020 Democratic Nomination, has seen her presidential odds continue along a downward trend, falling this week from $0.28 to $0.22/share, after reaching as high as $0.36 earlier this month.

Once neck-and-neck with President Trump, she has seen the gap between them widen to its current mark of $0.19. As recently as October 13th, Warren’s odds had been within $0.04 of DJT’s. What’s more, no Democratic hopeful has made up the slack of the falling confidence in Warren.”

“The debt per United States citizen is $69,724 and the debt to gross domestic product ratio is 106.65%. Every dollar of U.S. national debt is, in fact, a reason to buy Bitcoin (BTC). 

Global Central Banking is about to go bust. […] All fiat money will die.”

TrustExplorer is an auditing protocol offering real-time, distributed, and final audits. Blockchain technology can automate the capture of accounting data and verify its accuracy, reducing the risk of alteration or corruption.

You open up the possibility of real-time audit and being able to provide transparency.”