November 1

“If you have an account with crypto derivatives exchange BitMEX, there’s never been a better time to update your security preferences.

On Friday at 08:00 UTC, BitMEX alerted its clientele that it had accidentally revealed many of its user’s email addresses in the CC: field. The unfortunate email also opens users up to targeted phishing attacks. The exchange appeared to suggest a bug caused the incident.

The mishap adds to the woes of the exchange, which is also reportedly being probed by the U.S. Commodity Futures Exchange Commission (CFTC) over whether it has allowed U.S. traders to use its platform.”

“Another flash crash has occurred for bitcoin (BTC), this time appearing on the Coinbase Pro and Deribit exchanges.

BTC’s spot price dipped from $9,260 to $9,055 in quick succession on Coinbase’s exchange. BTC dropped to a low of $7,720 on Deribit, sending shock waves throughout the derivatives market. Liquidations shot through the roof on Bitmex, for example.

Deribit will reimburse over $1.3 million in losses.

Acquisition of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies: It is prohibited to purchase BTC with this payment method.

This follows a move by the BCA earlier this week, which limited the amount of U.S. Dollars Argentinian citizens could buy each month. The maximum amount was reduced from $10,000 to just $200.”

Users can now download the test wallet client from its website, create an address and receive private keys as well as request and test Gram tokens in the app via a special Telegram bot called TestTonBot.

TestTonBot invites users to test out the service by requesting 5 to 20 tokens to the generated crypto address on the app. The test transactions are visible on the Telegram Open Network (TON) testnet explorer.”

“The CEO of Delaware-registered blockchain firm Veritaseum LLC and New York-registered Veritaseum Inc., Reggie Middleton, was ordered to pay $8.4 million in disgorgement. Additionally, Middleton is liable for a civil penalty of $1 million.

Moreover, the report states that the defendants will not be allowed to engage in any offering of digital security. Since Oct. 9, Veritaseum (VERI) has dropped about 37% from $24 to $15 per coin.”

“The firm is the first blockchain company to be granted both licenses. By acquiring the license, Harbor has the green light to service higher class firms, investors, and offerings. [Harbor is] seeking to become a “one-stop-shop” for digital asset issuance.

Harbor recently engaged in a $100 million real estate tokenizing effort on the ethereum blockchain on behalf of four firms.”

“During the blackout earlier this year, it became clear to Brito that poor internet infrastructure was a leading barrier to crypto adoption.

Locha Mesh has created two hardware prototypes so far, Turpial and Harpy, both of which act like small routers that don’t rely on local WiFi. Instead, they pass messages around the “mesh” until one outlet finally has an internet connection.

Basically, we are providing an accessible solution for anyone who finds themselves without energy or internet access in need for a safe, decentralized and censorship-resistant way of communication.”