October 24

Bakkt announced Thursday that it would ‘launch the first regulated options contract for bitcoin futures,’ adding a new product to its current slate of physically-settled bitcoin futures contracts. 

Notably, customers will have the choice of options contracts settled with cash, meaning customers receive the fiat equivalent to the contract’s value at expiration, or physically, meaning they receive the actual bitcoin.”

“Following the hearing, the committee’s chair, Maxine Waters, told Cointelegraph, ‘I don’t support Libra at all at this point.’

I don’t think that he [Zuckerberg] should be moving forward with this huge project — this big idea, with all these other concerns that have not really been resolved.”

Investors in Telegram’s blockchain project have opted to stick with the firm despite the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)’s recent injunction against the messaging platform’s token offering.

We are happy to share with you that we have successfully obtained the consent of a significant majority of investors in both the Pre-Sale and Stage A to extend the deadline for the Network Launch to 30 April 2020.”

Galaxy is offering the funds to give accredited investors low-fee, institutionally managed bitcoin exposure. Both funds will offer professional oversight of bitcoin storage, tax documentation, and client service support.

The Galaxy Bitcoin Fund will require a $25,000 minimum investment with optional quarterly redemptions. The Galaxy Institutional Bitcoin Fund will allow weekly withdrawals and require minimums higher than $25,000.”

“Four U.S. regulators [the SEC, CFTC, OCC and FDIC] joined the Global Financial Innovation Network, an international alliance of government regulators led by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority seeking to bolster the future of fintech.”

“Publicly traded software firm Splunk is using Ethereum sidechain xDai Chain to power the payments at its Las Vegas SplunkConf 2019. McKervey noted that users did not need to download an app or manage private keys to interact with the system.

Most users won’t even know they are interacting with blockchain based digital tokens.

According to the xDAI block explorer, there are already over 22 thousand addresses involved with the tokens and over 48 thousand BCB transactions have already taken place.”

The system uses Contagion[a gossip protocol], a probabilistic algorithm that mimics the spreading of a contagious disease in a population. It consists of three sub-protocols—Murmur, Sieve, and Threshold. The three protocols are responsible for ensuring validity, totality, and consistency of a transaction.

The energy [used to propagate and validate a transaction] is that of sending messages on the Internet.

The team behind the paper plans to open source the protocol with the help of E.U. funding.”

“Facilitated by payments network Flutterwave, the addition starts a new phase of Binance adding sub-Saharan fiat pairs. In “the near future” the high-volume global exchange will also introduce gateways for South Africa’s Rand (ZAR) and Kenya’s Shilling (KES).”

“ConsenSys has unveiled Trusat, a satellite tracking application based on the Ethereum (ETH) network. Trusat aims to tackle the problem of space debris that could damage Earth’s space infrastructure.

The initiative hopes that its app’s users will track satellites in the night sky and record their positions in order to help create a record.”