October 17

“The filing explained that Telegram ‘did not … offer any securities to the public‘ through an ICO, referencing the $1.7 billion it raised using a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT) framework.

Telegram entered into private purchase agreements with a limited number of highly sophisticated purchasers.

As a result of the SEC’s action, however, Telegram is ready to hold off on launching the TON blockchain network and distributing tokens until all ‘regulatory issues are resolved,‘ the filing said.”

“Daily active users stand at over 2.8 million, [while] there are also over 290,000 Brave Verified Publishers. Brave browser has [also] become more popular than its rivals such as Firefox, Opera and Chrome in Japan.

Platform engagement is extremely high, with a click-through rate of 14% (the industry average is just 2%). More importantly, 12% of click-throughs result in page visits of 10 seconds or longer.”

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“A total of 9,661 BTC ($76.96 million) or a tiny 0.054% of today’s Bitcoin supply resides in three major sidechain projects.

Liquid, which launched in October 2018, currently includes a modest 89 BTC ($709,700). That figure is dwarfed by the largest sidechain, Binance Chain, which has 9,001 BTC ($71.74 million).

Even the Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) sidechain, which is in fact an Ethereum-based ERC-20 standard token, has 571 BTC ($4.55 million) — more than Liquid.”

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“Users can now use one ENS name for all of their cryptocurrency wallets, with all the benefits of decentralization, security, censorship-resistance, programability, and more.

We still plan on expanding the namespace available for use on ENS by integrating the DNS namespace. For example, the Ethereum Foundation owns the DNS name “ethereum.org”; with our system they could also have an ENS record for “ethereum.org”. In this way, the Ethereum Foundation could use “ethereum.org” both for their normal website (using DNS) and for receiving cryptocurrency payments (using ENS).”

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xCurrent, the service that B of A appears to have at least tested out, does not involve XRP, the cryptocurrency that Ripple periodically sells to fund operations and that powers its separate xRapid product.

Customers for the xCurrent payment system include American Express, Santander and PNC.”

“Each bar — being marketed as “The Other Bar” — contains a QR code within its wrapper that consumers can use to donate a blockchain token directly to farmers.

When scanned, the QR code also reveals how much the farmer was paid for the cocoa used to produce their bar, as well as indicating the GPS coordinates of the cacao tree from which the cocoa for their bar was harvested.

The whole idea is to use technology to influence consumer behavior and basically turn every product into a capitalist impact engine.

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